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Kickstarter Darlings Team Up: Double Fine Adventure Coming to Ouya
© Image: Ouya

Kickstarter Darlings Team Up: Double Fine Adventure Coming to Ouya

At the DICE 2013 conference Wednesday, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman revealed that Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter-funded video game Double Fine Adventure will launch on the Android-based console.

She added that Ouya will offer the only TV experience for the game, suggesting that Double Fine Adventure (internal codename: Reds) will not come to other home consoles. It will, however, be available for PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS devices.

A Double Fine representative confirmed to gaming blog Kotaku that Reds will not appear on other TV consoles the day it launches, adding that the studio has no current plans for separate console releases. But recent Double Fine games like The Cave — which is also coming to Ouya, says Uhrman — have also appeared on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Should Double Fine decide such a move would prove prudent, porting Reds to other platforms appears to be a future option for the company.

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Double Fine's Final Kickstarter Tally: $3.34 Million

Either way, the news is a big boost for Ouya, which is seeking to drum up interest among gamers as its official June launch date draws closer.

“And suddenly, I have a desire to own an Ouya,” said Justin Snyder, a curator for the NYU Game Center, upon hearing Double Fine’s upcoming game will be available on the platform.

Ouya will ship units to backers of its Kickstarter campaign in March, while those while those who pre-order Ouya through retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop will receive their consoles in April. The company is currently processing over 68,000 orders for the console, Uhrman informed the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Ouya intends to buck the established home console business model where companies wait five or more years to release new hardware. "Our plan is to have a yearly refresh of Ouya where we leverage the best-performing chips and take advantage of falling component prices to create the best experience we can at the $99 price point," Uhrman told The Verge.

There are over 450 games in the works for Ouya, according to Uhrman, including two unannounced projects from Words With Friends creator Paul Bettner.

“Gamers want the App Store in their living room,” said Bettner in a statement. “Ouya will be the first to deliver it, and it's going to change everything.”

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