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Kickstarter Expanding into Canada ‘This Summer’
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Kickstarter Expanding into Canada ‘This Summer’

Kickstarter is moving into Canada later this summer, the company announced earlier today via Twitter. This will be Kickstarter’s second international expansion, following last year’s launch in the U.K.

To clarify, Canadians could already back projects and create campaigns on Kickstarter; in order to launch a campaign, however, they had to have a U.S. bank account and address. The creators could get around this by asking friends or family members in the U.S. to create the campaigns and collect the cash on their behalf.

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In a 2009 blog post, Kickstarter explained the geographical limitations are due to the fact that it uses Amazon Payments as its payment processing company, which doesn’t support non-U.S. recipients. That’s still the case, so Kickstarter must have found a third-party payment processor to handle its business in Canada.

As the Tweet below indicates, there’s not a lot of other information about the move into Canada, though prospective campaign owners north of the border can sign up for more information as it becomes available, here.

Kickstarter isn’t the first big crowdfunding platform that’s looking to cater to Canadians. Just last week, Indiegogo announced that it’s expanding its payment options in the country. Canadian campaign owners on Indiegogo “are now able to accept credit card payments, in addition to PayPal, and receive funds in Canadian dollars (CAD)… this means that funds stay as CAD and are disbursed in CAD, rather than being exchanged into USD,” the press release noted. In order to raise awareness of the new payment options, Indiegogo held a workshop in Toronto yesterday, and has another one coming up in Montreal on July 11th.

The U.K.-based equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube is also eyeing expansion into Canada, having set up the domain. But don't get too excited about equity crowdfunding in Canada just yet — CEO Darren Westlake told us the launch date is still way off in the distance, as regulations do not currently support the new way of raising capital.

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  • Bret Conkin Bret Conkin Sep 03, 2013 07:27 pm GMT

    Canada's top platform FundRazr had some fun with the hype on Kickstarter's entry to Canada. View the parody page, videos, easter eggs, links and so on here

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