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Kickstarter Hits Half a Billion in Total Dollars Pledged
© Image: Anton Root / (logo: Kickstarter)

Kickstarter Hits Half a Billion in Total Dollars Pledged

Funders have pledged more than a half billion dollars to over 88,000 projects on Kickstarter since the crowdfunding platform launched in 2009, according to the site's own internal data.

Of the $502 million pledged, a remarkable $425 million are what Kickstarter calls "successful dollars," which is to say that those pledges were actually collected as part of successfully funded projects. Only $55 million were pledged to unsuccessful projects, and another $22 million is tied up in currently live campaigns.

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Kickstarter also says that 43.5% of all projects posted have been successful.

The biggest chunk of the half billion dollars (over 20 percent) was pledged to film and video projects, followed closely by games.

Dance projects pulled in the lowest dollar value total of pledges overall, but have the best odds of meeting the funding goal, with a success rate over 70 percent. Fashion projects have the hardest time overall, with only 27% getting full funding of their goals.

For the full breakdown of stats from Kickstarter, visit its data page, which is updated daily.

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