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Learn About the Crowd With the Best Software Testing Solution (Webinar)

Learn About the Crowd With the Best Software Testing Solution (Webinar)

Editor's Note: The webinar described below took place on April 2. To stream the archive video of this event, visit this page, or register to download it here.

The following is a sponsored post:

Software runs much of our daily lives, and if you're involved at all in creating these digital tools you know that there is a difference between good software and bad software. Often that difference comes down to testing, and to do testing right in a world full of an increasing number of "digital natives" connected to the cloud and demanding quick adaptability to their ever-changing needs, getting quality assurance right can require more than a good team – it requires a good crowd.

"To handle these changes, the software testing industry requires some reinforcement. The existing solutions are not consumer centric, cannot simulate real world conditions in test labs due a large number of devices, configurations etc., (and) cost pressure is also increasing on the industry – all this is affecting quality, agility and cost of software apps," says passbrains' Mayank Mittal.

- What is Crowdsourced Testing?
- How Crowdsourced Software Testing Works?
- PASS Looks to Expand Crowdtesting Success into the U.S.

Mittal and passbrains, a leader in crowdtesting, will be leading a webinar about the possible reinforcement solution: managed crowdsourced testing.

The passbrains model has proven to be the most effective crowdtesting service model currently available. Passbrains delivers on-demand managed testing services over public and private networks from highly skilled, uniquely qualified professionals. These software testing experts and consumers are physically distributed across the globe, providing unparalleled ability to conduct "in the wild" testing. Further, the passbrains model offers the following benefits:

  • Consumer Centricity
  • Industrialized “Real World” Testing
  • Better Software Quality & Security
  • Faster Speed to Market
  • “Glocalization” (localize testing around the ultimate end user, but on a global basis)
  • On-demand
  • Cost Savings

Join passbrains Tuesday April 2, 2013 to learn more and ask any questions you may have. Also plan to attend the Global Sourcing Summit in Florida May 14 - 16, where passbrains will also be leading a session on crowdtesting.

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