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LEGO Developing New Products through Crowdsourcing [VIDEO]
© Image: Eric Blattberg /

LEGO Developing New Products through Crowdsourcing [VIDEO]

On Friday, dozens of business leaders, academics and consultants gathered in the Museum of the City of New York to discuss the future of work at the first-ever Re:Working Conference. Peter Espersen, online community lead for the LEGO Group, kicked things off with a discussion of the company’s global community strategy in the age of crowdsourcing. We recorded that case study and embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

At the 15:30 mark, Espersen highlights LEGO CUUSOO, a crowdsourcing initiative from the LEGO Group (currently in open beta). The LEGO CUUSOO platform allows fans to create a LEGO project — a potential boxed product — and solicit votes from the community. If a project garners 10,000 supporters, the LEGO Group will review the idea and, if it “makes sense,” turn it into an official LEGO product. Not only will LEGO offer project creators some serious bragging rights, but it’ll also reward them with 1% of total net revenue from the product's sales.

Three CUUSOO projects are now being manufactured as official LEGO products: the LEGO Shinkai 6500, a 1/60 scale reproduction of a manned expedition diver; LEGO Hayabusa, a model of a Japanese spacecraft; and LEGO Minecraft Micro World, an environment and character set based on the popular Minecraft video game. Minecraft Micro World, which reached the 10,000-vote threshold in just two days, is currently in production and will hit store shelves this summer.

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