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Lessons Learned from a Live Crowdfunding Campaign in Progress
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Lessons Learned from a Live Crowdfunding Campaign in Progress

Editor's Note: For some months now Karinna Kittles-Karsten has been giving us a sneak peek behind the scenes of her crowdfunding campaign. In this, her latest crowdfunding journal entry, she talks about the keeping up the intensity and focus during a live crowdfunding campaign. To check out past entries in Karinna's journal, you can find them all here.

I am currently in the middle of a live campaign.

It has been very demanding and intense. The process is a lot slower and illusive than I would have thought.

I believe that my team is doing an excellent job of messaging and reaching core groups and press. At the end of the day it really just depends on how eager and willing the individuals at the other end are to press the button to contribute.

Take a look. While it is a bear, a gamble, a herculean effort, we are still aiming for success.

Take a look and find out what we are doing and what we are learning in our live campaign for Love Around the World

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