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Live Crowdfunding at LAUNCH (sort of); Waze Puts the Crowd in Control - The Crowded Room #16
© Image: Howie Le / Creative Commons License

Live Crowdfunding at LAUNCH (sort of); Waze Puts the Crowd in Control - The Crowded Room #16

Live crowdfunding (kind of) has launched with an iOS app in use at the LAUNCH startup festival in San Francisco this week. Contributor Paul Spinrad went to the festival to see it in action and reports back. Also in the Crowded Room, we talk about Waze handing the keys to its crowdsourced navigation app to its users, a company that helps crowdfunded projects "Make That Thing" that they promised, and also the story of an honest panhandler and the crowdfunding campaign to reward him that's met its goal almost 200 times over.
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  • Paul Spinrad Paul Spinrad Mar 06, 2013 06:35 pm GMT

    That was fun-- one thing I wish I'd also mentioned was that something like the LAUNCH mobile app could be used not just at big startup conferences, but also more routinely at small, local events-- that's actually the best scenario, I think. Like, a "Launch festival" in every community that uses an app like that to select and amass investments or donations for local projects or businesses. "Barn-raising 2.0."

    Also, in my enthusiasm to recommend at the end of the podcast, I probably mischaracterized it as a crowd service rather than just referral. It's not like lots of people with metal detectors contribute in small ways to finding your lost ring.

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