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Massolution Releases Crowdfunding Market Software and Solutions Report

Massolution Releases Crowdfunding Market Software and Solutions Report

Editor's Note: We continue our look at the leading industry research and advisory work that our sister organization Massolution is engaged in. For more information on Massolution and its industry research, go to; for services, visit

Earlier today, Massolution released the 2013CF Crowdfunding Market Software and Solutions report, which provides a comparison of the available software and solutions for those looking to launch and run a crowdfunding platform. The report also provides an analysis of the considerations new entrants into the crowdfunding market are faced with.

In addition to its deep analysis and insights into the field, Massolution created an online directory of 30 white label crowdfunding platform providers and software solutions. The database allows prospective crowdfunding platform owners to compare the providers by verticals like crowdfunding models supported, initial and ongoing fees, current customers, social media integration, and much more. Those who purchase the report are given access to this comprehensive directory.

One of the key goals of the report is to help prospective crowdfunding platform owners make the buy vs. build decision. As the report points out, this depends largely on two factors: the uniqueness of needs and development experience. With these considerations in mind, the Massolution team has developed a Buy vs. Build matrix in order to guide readers to the right solution for them.

In order to conduct the research, Massolution identified 30 providers of white label crowdfunding solutions as well as other options for creating and launching a crowdfunding platform. Massolution then surveyed the providers through several questionnaires, as well as individual interviews that took place from January to April 2013.

The report is an excellent resource for readers interested in crowd-based financing, whether they are platform operators, investors, or industry analysts.

This is the fourth report in the 2013CF series, following the Crowdfunding Industry Report, the Crowdfunding Market Analysis report, and the Crowdfunding Market Outlook report.

About Massolution:
Massolution is a unique research and advisory firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries. Massolution works with governments, institutions and enterprises in the design and implementation of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding business models that drive improved business performance, product and service innovation, enhanced levels of customer engagement and in the formation of new sources of capital.

Disclosure: Massolution also operates the industry website

You can reach a representative at Massolution by emailing

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