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Mitt Romney's Crowd of Facebook Friends is Falling Apart
© Image: Screenshot by Eric Mack/

Mitt Romney's Crowd of Facebook Friends is Falling Apart

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney used social media, in particular Facebook, to try to rally their crowds of supporters to the polls and lure independents to their camp. But now that the election is over, those Facebook "Likes" are turning out to be some pretty fickle declarations of faith, at least in the case of Romney.

While President Obama set Twitter and Facebook records on election night, Romney's social media base has been rapidly eroding. Perhaps because they're seeking to erase the memory of a painful loss, or just don't want to be associated with a loser, people have been "un-liking" Romney's Facebook page at a rate of several hundred per hour over the past week.

The site has been keeping track of the receding social media flood waters for the GOP candidate in realtime. Here's a screen shot from this morning:

Gotta love a country where half the people don't bother to vote when it counts, but plenty of us take the time to retract our vote after the fact on social media platforms that don't count for anything. 

And while Romney supporters can unlike the candidate, those that bet on him with more than just their votes likely won't be getting their money back. Check out Anton Root's story on how the crowd was betting on the race via prediction markets to see how they fared.

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