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Open Innovation Crucial to Smart Grid Development, says U.S. CTO
© Image: Cisco Pics / flickr

Open Innovation Crucial to Smart Grid Development, says U.S. CTO

Open innovation is essential to smart grid development in the United States, stressed U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park at Tuesday’s Connectivity Week conference.

“A philosophy that we're really embracing in leadership with the president is the whole idea of open innovation,” Park told AOL Energy. “If government collaborates openly and unleashes the power of the private sector and non-profit sector and the public [it can accomplish more] than it can by itself.”

One such effort is the “Apps for Energy” competition, an open call for web and mobile apps that utilize “Green Button” data. The Department of Energy announced the winners at Tuesday’s conference. Leafully, an app that helps utility customers visualize their Green Button data as a variety of units, walked away with the overall grand prize. Melon and Velobill snagged second and third respectively, while Wotz and Budget It Yourself were the top two student apps. iEnergy currently leads the pack in the public vote, which closes a week from today.

"The goals are not just data oriented or for a bunch of apps, but a whole ecosystem that powers delivery or energy savings and energy efficiency,” Park informed conference attendees on Tuesday. “There's a whole chain reaction if people have access to Green Button data that populates apps for services that help people understand opportunities to save money.”

Saving energy and money simultaneously? That certainly sounds like a win-win to us.

Post by Eric Blattberg, Editorial Coordinator

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