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Open Source Software’s Pricey Bugs [Infographic]

Open Source Software’s Pricey Bugs [Infographic]

Open source coding accounts for a significant portion of the United States’ $180 billion software industry: 90% of companies rely on third-party code for at least a portion (and sometimes the entirety) of their software projects. Approximately a third of the total revenue spent on the industry, $60 billion yearly, goes towards remedying defective software; in effect, bug squashing.

SourceNinja shared an infographic with us that details the total cost — in time, money, and resources — of bugs in open source code. Among other facts, like the impact of software defects on happiness and the frequency of security tests, the infographic reveals where troublesome bugs hide and how much they cost to repair. Coders, take note: squash those bugs before release and everyone will be better off.

Check out the full infographic below (click to enlarge).

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