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Optimizing the Virtual Workforce [Video]
© Image: Shutterstock / Jirsak

Optimizing the Virtual Workforce [Video]

For any business or organization looking to make use of crowdsourcing, it’s important to understand how to find the workers with the right skillset, and assign each individual the appropriate task.

How can a person or institution make effective use of crowdsourcing, without becoming an expert in crowd behavior and processes? That’s exactly the question Valentin Gui, accounts director at MobileWorks, discussed in his presentation at Massolution NYC 2013.

MobileWorks believes that there are three key points to consider. The first is worker management. With an anonymous (“transient”) crowd, Gui said, it’s difficult to understand who is completing the work, whether they have any prior experience in a field, and the workers don’t retain any of the information they learn. With a more targeted, known crowd, it’s easier to choose the workers who have the right skills for a needed job, which should increase the chance of a task being done quickly and accurately.

The second point Gui discussed is workflow design. Just like a company creates processes for its employees to follow, crowd workers need to be told what they need to do in an effective manner. Instead of designing this workflow in-house, MobileWorks encourages businesses to source it out to an expert. This comes at a higher cost, but may be a better approach for companies that need faster results.

The final point is quality assurance. Here, again, Gui said that doing this in-house can be counterproductive and expensive. MobileWorks’ solution is to use experts among the crowd to take care of the QA.

To find out more about how MobileWorks makes use of expert crowds to help its businesses crowdsource wisely, check out Gui’s presentation below, which also includes a case study with PoetryGenius, a subsidiary of RapGenius.

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