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Our crowdfunding research bounds ahead

Our crowdfunding research bounds ahead

When we launched the first industry-wide crowdfunding survey two weeks ago, we had high hopes for the results. The overwhelming deluge of data from crowdfunding companies across the globe promptly substantiated such expectations: we’ve received responses from sites in the U.S. and the U.K., the Netherlands and South Africa, and dozens of other countries that would require too much space to list here.

But we are not content to let this research initiative — now at its halfway point — coast along until its conclusion in mid-January. There are 358 crowdfunding companies listed in our directory of sites, and in an ideal world, every single one would participate in the survey. That’s an unrealistic goal, of course, but the point is the more participation, the better. After all, accurate crowdfunding market data is essential to a range of individuals and institutions:

Fundraisers and entrepreneurs require this information to design campaigns and select platforms; investors and donors to direct their pledge and investment decisions; government entities, financial regulatory bodies and the financial services industry to learn about the adoption of crowdfunding and to support its development.Journalists need this information to support their reporting on the industry.Academics need it to support their research on crowdfunding models, and crowdfunding platforms require this information to develop successful market strategies.

There are a number of benefits to participation in the survey. Every company that completes the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the research report and will also be acknowledged with a profile and contact info to be included in the report. As an additional incentive, the companies behind the ten most complete responses will receive a month of media promotion on

The survey has been designed to allow each completed page to be saved, supporting step-by-step completion. Although we ask participants to complete the survey in its entirety, we do realize that some questions might be difficult to address, therefore partial responses, although less desirable, are acceptable. For more information, instructions and a note about data privacy and our NDA (non-disclosure agreement), visit the survey start page.

"Efforts like's Crowdfunding Industry Survey are of critical importance to the establishment of our fledging industry. The data collected will help us understand the crowdfunding industry and help establish crowdfunding as a viable model for raising capital," -Korstiaan Zandvliet, Chief Executive Officer of Symbid.

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