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Ouya Takes Crowd’s Input for Controller Design
© Image: / Ouya

Ouya Takes Crowd’s Input for Controller Design

The team behind the Ouya, the Android-based video game console that raised $8.6 million on Kickstarter, is inching closer the March deadline it set for delivering its console to backers.

Thus far, the team is hitting milestones in stride – the development kits for early backers, for example, shipped before the team’s self-imposed deadline. But there is still time for the team to make some tweaks to the system and its controller.

The Ouya team is keeping its ear to the ground and getting feedback from developers – and anyone else who may have purchased the early dev kit – about the console and ways to improve it. Yesterday, the team put up a blog post responding to some of the most popular demands for changes to the controller.

“Since the release of the Ouya Dev Console last month, developers around the world have sent us a ton of emails, comments, videos and forum posts… all about our controller,” the team wrote in the blog post announcing the changes. “A lot of the feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but ALL were great to hear.”

Some of the most common demands included a ‘cross’ style directional pad, rubberized grips on the thumbsticks, and improved triggers. The Ouya team implemented all of these features in its revised controller design (pictured on the right).

This isn’t the first time the fans' feedback inspired Ouya’s developers to add or alter certain features. The console was originally going to support only two controllers, but fan input persuaded the team to go up to four. Responding to calls for the console to support a media player, the team announced that it would work with XBMC.

That sort of responsiveness is key to a successful crowdfunding campaign, and it’s part of the reason nearly 65,000 individuals decided to pre-order the console. The backers can expect their Ouyas to come some time in March, and everyone else will be able to pick up the console when it hits the shelves in June.

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