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Oxfam, Coldplay Crowdsourcing Charity Video
© Image: s_bukley / Shutterstock

Oxfam, Coldplay Crowdsourcing Charity Video

Oxfam, an international non-profit, has teamed up with Coldplay to crowdsource a special music video for the band’s song ‘In My Place.’ 

Coldplay are an Oxfam ambassador, and have been promoting the non-profit’s ‘Grow’ campaign on their tours. The campaign aims to stem land grabs – wealthy individuals and corporations purchasing large plots of land – in developing nations. According to Oxfam, land grabs can result in homelessness and hunger.

Coldplay donated an acoustic version of ‘In My Place’ to Oxfam and are now asking fans to send footage of themselves for a music video to promote the 'Grow' campaign.

In order to have a shot at making the video, fans need to film or photograph personal objects in unfamiliar places. The aim is to draw attention to the displacement that happens when individuals are forced to move as a result of land grabs. From the campaign page:

Because governments, banks and private investors are buying up huge plots of land to make equally huge profits, land deals are putting people and their possessions out of place, forcing them from the place they call home. So Oxfam is asking you to move something favorite, personal or familiar from your home to somewhere it doesn’t belong. Or to do something personal, everyday or familiar that you’d usually do at home, in totally the wrong place.

Anyone over the age of 14 can send raw footage on the campaign page. Oxfam is asking people to include the hashtag or words “stop land grabs” in the videos and photos.

Crowdsourcing videos of all kinds is becoming a more commonplace way for brands to engage with their fans. Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5, for example, asked fans to participate in the creation of their music videos, while an upcoming documentary on Bruce Springsteen called on fans to contribute videos of the legendary singer. But the big coming-out party for crowdsourced videos was this year’s Super Bowl, where a number of ads were made with fan contributions, as was the halftime show introduction.

Given their fame, Oxfam and Coldplay should have no problem finding people willing to partake in the campaign. All those interested in submitting a video or photo can do so here; the deadline is April 2nd.

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