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Pepsi, Beyonce Bringing the Crowd to the Super Bowl Halftime Performance
© Image: Pepsi

Pepsi, Beyonce Bringing the Crowd to the Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Pepsi unveiled a new marketing campaign over the weekend, teaming up with Beyonce to crowdsource the introductory video to the singer’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

Billboards went up in Times Square on Saturday announcing the initiative, which is asking Beyonce and Pepsi fans to send in photos of themselves in certain poses. The photos will be used in a video to welcome Beyonce to the crowd on February 3rd. Fifty fans will also be randomly chosen to perform as backup dancers at the show.

The crowdsourcing campaign will run until January 21st (though the sweepstake to dance next to Beyonce close ten days earlier). Thus far, two “assignments” have been revealed – take a picture of yourself while shouting and bopping your head. The pictures will be judged on Originality, Creativity, and Pepsi Spirit

Pepsi is participating in several local initiatives around the New Orleans area, too, which will also reward fifty fans by giving them a chance to appear on stage next to Beyonce.

The soft drinks company, which signed Beyonce on as a brand ambassador only last month, hopes that the singer’s appeal and popularity will mesh well with Pepsi’s ‘Live for Now’ campaign.

"Pepsi is looking for new ways to involve fans in the halftime show experience, and 'live' it like never before,” announced Angelique Krembs, VP of marketing. “And this is just the beginning.” 

Last year, 114 million people watched the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show, a record-setting number.

Pepsi and Beyonce aren’t the only ones taking advantage of crowdsourcing to enliven their Super Bowl marketing push. Lincoln Motors and Jimmy Fallon also paired up for the #SteerTheScript campaign, which asked the crowd to come up with suggestions for a scripted ad. Fallon recently announced that the script is indeed done, and read a few of the honorable mention tweets that almost made the cut.

Crowdsourced marketing initiatives are becoming quite common, which can only mean good news for the industry. Expect more brands to engage with their fans through such campaigns in 2013.

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  • Guest Successful Workplace Jan 07, 2013 01:16 pm GMT

    When Doritos and Pepsi can trust their most important spend of the year to crowdsourcing, we're seriously on to something. We're tracking a group of friends who are Final 5 for the Super Bowl and knows the work ahead of them.

    Even the promotion is crowdsourced, which is brilliant.

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