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Pushing the Crowdfunding Bill with a Crowdfunded and Crowdsourced Ad
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Pushing the Crowdfunding Bill with a Crowdfunded and Crowdsourced Ad

In the Crowdsourcing world, we seem to be pretty good at being meta. So it should be no surprise that supporters of Rep. Patrick McHenry's Crowdfunding bill, H.R. 2930, are putting together a Crowdfunding campaign to try and get their Crowdsourced ad in support of the Crowdfunding bill into an upcoming issue  of Politico and in front of the eyes of more members of the political crowd.

According to a post over at, the hope is to get some movement on the bill in the U.S. Senate soon before Washington becomes too pre-occupied with election year politics. The ad will redirect readers to a new website just launched by Sherwood Niess and the Startup Exemption folks at

The goal is to raise $13,530 to pay for the production of the ad and the space in Politico by next month or sooner. As of today, only $450 had been raised, but there's still 25 days to go on the Loudsauce campaign.

Here's a look at the current rough draft of the ad. Keep an eye on for developments on the progress of this and the handful of other Crowdfunding bills now on Capitol Hill.

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