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Quality Design Should Be a Priority

Quality Design Should Be a Priority

By Raluca Messai, owner of

If you want to start a business nowadays, the best money you'll ever spend is to build your own identity that you'll promote afterwards. But when you are a newborn firm with no identity background, how should you go about doing that? There is a misconception that you should have great content to grab potential customers’ attention. While that’s undoubtedly true, at DesignInARK, we’re convinced that poor design can generate immediate distrust. Content is actually a less immediate priority than design, which is responsible for that make-or-break first impression that’ll either appeal to users or drive them away.

We want to help companies discover their identity. DesignInARK realized how powerful it is to ask freelancers for advice and to have more possibilities at the early conceptual stages of launching a business venture (versus soliciting those opinions post-launch). This is one thing that traditional creative agencies can’t offer. Sure, those agencies are great when you are on the same wavelength with the designer working on your brief, but that’s not always the case. In my mind, it’s always better to have options, to have more designers giving you their vision or interpretation of your project.

And really, why spend two months designing a logo for your new company when you can do that by crowdsourcing your project in just one week? No one can deny the collective creativity and talent of the crowd. Crowdsourcing presents an outstanding opportunity for the design community. DesignInARK attempts to bring together designers, writers, web designers and sound artists from all over the world to produce innovative, cutting edge results in a competitive but friendly environment. We started working on the site in March 2011, but it took us five months to define the site the way you see it today. DesignInARK is a new crowdsourcing platform, but our creative community already contains over 500 freelancers ready to prove their mettle.

DesignInARK allows companies to publish creative contests. Freelancers are protected during the creative process by an all-blind contests system. Concurrently, our customers’ brand protection is a priority. This means that all submissions to contests are hidden during the creative process. Why is this important? To avoid redundant ideas and guarantee originality — generally, to inspire comfort among freelancers.

After all the designs are submitted, a simple voting process occurs. Every DesignInARK visitor is able to vote for his or her favourite designs from completed contests during a two-week time span following the conclusion of a contest. Naturally, the design with the most votes wins the contest.

DesignInARK has its offices in Bucharest, Romania, and we are proud to say that we are the first Eastern European crowdsourcing website. We are here to answer to creative needs of companies across the globe. We want to become a worldwide hub for creativity, where everyone can access to a large palette of contests, find essential creative services, and enjoy freelancers’ best work. Freelancers want and are able to help you; all it takes is companies reaching out with creative projects and good briefings.

At this moment, our first logo design project has concluded and we invite everyone to vote for the design concepts on offer — which I am very pleased with, by the way. It was a good experience for an uncommon contest: “Next 2020 Olympics Logo Designer! What if it’s you?

Crowdsourcing is a powerful technique — and not just for entrepreneurs. Over the past month, I’ve had launched three design projects, and come away feeling inspired and filled with new and fresh ideas. If you ask a crowdsourcing community for their creativity, the rewards can be enormous.

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  • AdminAK AdminAK Oct 30, 2011 03:44 pm GMT

    congratulations!! on being the first eastern european crowdsourcing company and the idea to start off with a contest for the 2020 olympics. very smart. i am sure you got some good pr out of it.

    i wish, when mentioning that "Crowdsourcing presents an outstanding opportunity for the design community." that you, like most others in your space, qualify the opportunity to be relevant for students and anyone whose income isn't depending on it.

    but again, congrats. to see all your competition, check out

  • DesignInARK DesignInARK Nov 01, 2011 04:51 pm GMT

    Thank you!
    When I speak about opportunity I'm not thinking just at an income opportunity, but also an opportunity to join a designers community, to challenge their skills and fighting spirit and build a portfolio.
    I know my competitors, but I like your crowdsourcing related articles from your blog.

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