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Realty Mogul Gets a $9M Boost for Real Estate Crowdfunding
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Realty Mogul Gets a $9M Boost for Real Estate Crowdfunding

Editor's Note: David Drake​ of The Soho Loft and LDJ Capital writes in once again to cover the latest big announcement out of the crowdfunding world: today's new that Realty Mogul has raised a $9 million Series A round led by Canaan Partners. 

Realty Mogul, lauded as one of the top real estate crowdfunding platforms just one year after its inception in 2013, has successfully raised $9 million for its platform in a Series A round led by Canaan Partners.

This deal represents one of the largest Series A funding made by a female chief executive officer, and Jilliene Helman, Realty Mogul's CEO, seeks to “bring the $11 trillion commercial real estate market into the 21st century.”

- RealtyMogul’s First Year Stats [Infographic]

Realty Mogul maintains its transparency by always working alongside professional real estate firms and investment companies, such as AH Capital and Crawford Park Financial, making funding more accessible and investment opportunities more available. Since its launch in 2013, it has now exceeded the $100 million mark of total value of properties backed.

Realty Mogul is currently open to accredited investors who have a net worth over $1 million or an annual income above $200,000. The exclusion of non-accredited investors is in a bid to avoid regulatory drawbacks with the SEC, as well as to ensure compliance. It is with this in mind that Helman believes that, with this financial backing by Canaan, thousands of investors will have easier and more transparent ways to diversify their portfolios within the commercial real estate market that was once hidden behind a closed door.

Armed with modern technologies that make crowdfunding for real estate simpler, the company facilitates online investments of pre-vetted properties and gives investors 24 hour access to investments through an online investor dashboard. Even if investors decide that they would like to invest in a property, their funds are not committed until the full amount has been raised.

Realty Mogul, which approves every listing, has a wide asset base that spans commercial and residential properties as a way for investors to diversify their investments and, by extension, their risk. The investor is subsequently notified of movements on their investments, such as when the full figure has been invested, as well as receiving any resulting distributions, such as rental payments from the properties.

Operating originally from Beverly Hills, CA, Realty Mogul has branched off into several other states to include Tennessee, Washington, Seattle, Kansas, and Texas.

To date, approximately 6000 individual investors have invested $14.6 million in 58 properties across 14 states. Analyses of total figures, states, and capital injected by the company indicate that Realty Mogul is in fact the largest crowdfunding marketplace online, underwriting over $1.5 billion in last year alone. Data from Realty Mogul show that approximately 67 percent of the investments received through this platform are from repeat investors and that another 55 percent of this number consists of individuals making multiple investments.

According to Hrach Simonian, principal at Canaan Partners, “Realty Mogul will be the next disruption in a massive asset class just like LendingClub has been for the consumer credit market.”

Labeled the “Start-up to Watch” by Digital LA’s Digerati Awards, Realty Mogul is turning heads with its innovations and continued success. With this Series A funding facilitated by Canaan Partners, this crowdfunding platform is likely to attract more big spenders. Its secret may not be so much what it is doing, but its incorporation with real estate companies synchronized with its radical way of selling properties. With this much capital injected, and with so many potential investors lining up, the only way now for Realty Mogul is up.

​Jilliene Helman of Realty Mogul will be ​one of the speakers at ​the ​April 24 Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference in New York.

David Drake is an early-stage equity expert and the founder and chairman of LDJ Capital, a New York City private equity advisory firm, and The Soho Loft - The Voice of Capital Formation - a global financial media company with divisions in Corporate Communications, Publishing and Expos & Events. You can reach him directly at

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