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Reaper Miniatures Bones: Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2012
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Reaper Miniatures Bones: Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2012

Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the most successful, interesting, and innovative crowdfunding campaigns of 2012. This week's category is most funded campaigns. Thus far, we’ve featured the Pebble smart watch, the Ouya video game console, Star Citizen, and Project Eternity. We finish our series with Reapers Miniatures Bones.

When Reaper Miniatures, a gaming figurines designer and manufacturer, decided it wanted to expand its popular Bones line, it gave its backers a choice. They could help grow the line relatively slowly (double the number of figures to 24 over a year) by reaching the $30,000 goal, or they make its popularity explode by hitting stretch goals.

Though they must have hoped for the latter to happen, even the campaign’s creators probably didn’t think their initiative would gain the traction that it did. When the campaign ended in late August, the Bones miniatures raised $3.4 million from over 17,000 backers, making it the fifth highest funded campaign of the year.

The campaign reached its initial modest goal in just over a day and kept growing steadily, passing a number of low stretch goals. In the last few days, however, the number of dollars pledged skyrocketed to over $100,000 per day; backers spent three quarters of a million on the final day.

Two related factors seemed to have pushed the campaign into overdrive. First, the stretch goals proved compelling enough for people to donate extra money. This made add-ons, the second factor, extremely popular. Since the Reaper team unveiled new perks on a regular basis, it made sense for backers to keep returning to the campaign and adding new figurines to their order. The add-ons resulted in a high average pledge per person – nearly $200 for sets of figurines that cost a few bucks each. Indeed, the average pledge for Bones was higher than for the Ouya and the Pebble, two sophisticated hardware products. 

To find out more about the project, check out the campaign video:

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