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Senator Touts Crowdfunding at Packed Seminar
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Senator Touts Crowdfunding at Packed Seminar

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet told a packed conference room at the University of Colorado at Denver on Friday that the crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act "is going to be incredibly important for Colorado's entrepreneurial community and small businesses."

To help make his case, Bennet cited's recent Crowdfunding Industry Report that details the billion dollar global crowdfunding industry.

"The same report projected that the funds raised through crowdfunding will nearly double this year — and that's even before this legislation goes into effect," Bennet told the crowd.

Bennet, a Democrat, was one of the co-sponsors of the Senate crowdfunding bill that was folded into the broader JOBS Act, that was then passed and signed by President Obama. Crowdfunding for equity in the United States under that provision can begin in early 2013 after the Securities and Exchange Commission completes its rulemaking process.

Friday's seminar on the crowdfunding law was one in a series organized by Bennet's office and the Colorado Technology Association across the state. The events are targeted at small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to raise early-stage capital through crowdfunding.

Source: Denver Post

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