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Share Thoughts on Crowdsourcing & Customers For a Shot at a Free CrowdConf Pass

Share Thoughts on Crowdsourcing & Customers For a Shot at a Free CrowdConf Pass

CrowdConf 2012 in San Francisco is now less than two weeks away, and has a handful of free passes for this premier global crowdsourcing event to give away to a few lucky readers.

In this third year of CrowdConf, and as the Crowdsourcing movement matures, the focus of the event will be on customers.

With that in mind, we'd like to get the discussion started early on how crowdsourcing can have a big impact on those people that are always right -- the customers.

Tell us in the comments below about your idea for using crowdsourcing to make a difference for customers, and also let us know how attending CrowdConf will help you put that idea into practice. We'll pick a few of our favorite responses and those people will receive a free pass to the conference. Sorry, you'll have to cover travel and all other expenses on your own.

See you in San Francisco, and good luck!

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  • Matthew Crowe Matthew Crowe Oct 10, 2012 08:46 pm GMT

    When I Founded AHHHA I was always thinking to myself "why do CEO's of companies always ask their employees what their customers want...why not ask the customers directly, and let them to you what THEY want". At the time the thesis from big consumer companies was that customer don't know what they want, however - since the rise of crowdsourcing, open-innovation, etc that has been proven to not be the case at all. At our company, we're always listening to the crowd and our customer base having a regular pulse on what they're needs and problems are - which ends up resulting in great product, companies and services that we KNOW people want - always being chosen by the crowd and our community, and once again...the customer is king.

    Matt Crowe
    Founder/CEO - AHHHA

  • Akhill Chopra Akhill Chopra Oct 10, 2012 09:58 pm GMT

    One of the aspects of crowdsourcing that excites me most is the notion that customers are telling potential consumer products & services providers exactly what they want and what they are willing to pay for it.

    The potential to disrupt current approaches to "product development" that rely on market research, consumer research, and other largely qualitative approaches to product development, and move towards a world where consumers tell providers what they want and what they're willing to pay for those products/services t should bring an eventual sea change to the consumer economy. Imagine less physical waste, more focused product development cycles, and having real, quantifiable data on "target market" prior to product release...

    I hope to be able to discuss with the attendees, presenters, and sponsors of the conference what their views are and how they are preparing for potential changes.

    Thank you,
    Akhill Chopra

  • Innovationskraftwerk Innovationskraftwerk Oct 11, 2012 12:02 pm GMT

    Our idea of using crowdsourcing is our open innovation platform the Innovationskraftwerk ( At the Innovationskraftwerk companies ask customers for a solution within an idea contest. Everyone, who wants to co-create products or services, has the possibility to submit ideas.
    In a few days there will start a new idea contest by Evonik “Decide for yourself, when and how to join...”. The company asks what people expect from sealants and adhesives, potting compounds and elastomers in the future. For more information please take a look at the announcement page (
    At this point the borders between Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing become blurred, because companies themselves are asked in their role s customer.
    Attending CrowdConf would help us to popularize our platform, so more companies will ask customers and even people, who are actually not customers of the company. Participating within an idea contest is a great chance for everyone to influence the behavior of companies and in the end our world.” In addition we are looking for co-operation partners in the USA.
    Best regards,
    Coletta Czentarra
    (Team Innovationskraftwerk)

  • Kane Jazz Kane Jazz Oct 11, 2012 05:36 pm GMT

    I need to go!!! KJazz 88.1 is a public radio station in the Los Angeles metro. We are planning to launch a special concert series in 2013 - Save Our Jazz to support our local schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and we are new to the world of crowd funding and need to go to this great conf so we can download all the expert advise in our hungry minds. Our first student music concert will focus on schools near our radio station that will benefit, support and extend music programs in and outside the classroom. Student groups from: Oak Middle School, Long Beach Poly HS Instrumental, JazzAngels, and CSULB will be performing at this 2-part special concert series.

    This 2-part Sunday concert series will take place at a venue near Long Beach March of 2013, and offer opportunities for students and families to play, learn, share and inspire. But we need crowd funding to help cover all the production and marketing costs. In addition, each school will be able to sell VIP tickets to help fund their music programs (tickets include reserved seating, appetizers and soft drinks). If the funding goes well, we roll it out in Q2 2013 to create a student jazz event to support SFV and Westside schools.

    Kane Biscaya
    Director of Underwriting

  • Johanna Kulcsar Johanna Kulcsar Oct 12, 2012 08:14 am GMT

    The customers want something appealing and specific that they are looking for. Even though the crowd is from various parts of the world, it shares common interests, preferences, tastes. Crowd sourcing needs to be segmented ( as it already is); still there are unexplored niche parts of it, that customers can not find (or not easily). There is a tremendous opportunity if the right trends/directions are found.
    That's is why an event like CrowdConf 2012 is essential for organizations in the industry to understand or to guess at least,
    where is this incredible potential heading in the future and to find out what the customers are looking for. Or what are
    the things that they don't know they are looking for, but it needs to be created/realized in the near future.

    Johanna Kulcsar

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