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Social Media Influencers Unite & More -- Crowdsourcing News Roundup

Social Media Influencers Unite & More -- Crowdsourcing News Roundup

This week the crowdsourcing world has been doing its part to get the nation's economy rolling again. For one, employment company ReadyForce has invited companies and college students across the country to sign up for its beta campaign. ReadyForce cuts out the recruitment middle man and connects employers and students to each other directly via recorded video and profiles. The company aims to make the job search and hiring process easier and more efficient for both parties.

Also, following President Obama's signing of the landmark JOBS Act, has announced a partnership with Navocate Business Sales + Acquisition. will serve as the official crowdfunding platform for Navocate's early stage companies, while Nacovate will provide merger and acquisition intermediary services for all companies crowdfunded by

A Better Way To Bounce Ideas

Spigit, the leading social innovation platform for enterprises, has announced the availability of ICON. ICON is a way for employees to crowdsource ideas, knowledge, and feedback from their co-workers. "ICON is addictive," said Spigit CEO and Founder Paul Pluschkell. "In the same time it takes to ask a co-worker what he thinks, you can ask your crowd and get better results." For Yammer users, ICON can be integrated with Yammer using its open APIs.

More Funding For Up and Coming Talent

The talent crowdsourcing company Talenthouse has announced a new round of funding totaling $4.2 million that will be used to connect well known talent to talented (but less than well known) collaborators. The funds were provided by investors including director Brett Ratner, Estee Lauder chairman William Lauder, and a number of angel investors. Talenthouse has also announced its new Social Engagement Engine, which will allow marketers to launch campaigns on the site with their personal brands attached to the content.

Along those same lines, international digital film distributor Independent Film Development Corporation has announced that it will be launching a crowdfunding leg of its website Their new platform will be similar to Kickstarter or IndieGogo and will aim to help filmmakers produce and distribute their films.

New eBook on Social Media Influencers

PR Newswire is literally writing the book on social media influencers, as they've invited industry leaders to share their thoughts and expertise for a new ebook to be titled “The Definitive Guide to Social Influencer Engagement.” Submissions will be accepted until June 1st, 2012.

Start Submitting Business Conundrums To the Crowd

GenCrowd, an online marketplace that allows users to crowdsource ideas, has announced its new service for crowdsourcing business needs. The service allows users to present ideas to a crowd of carefully vetted “contributors” for a fee. As of May 1, a week after the release, GenCrowd has already recruited fifty contributors.

-- This week's news roundup was compiled and written by contributor Tiffany Howard.

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