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Star Citizen’s Crowdfunding Effort Hits $3 Million
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Star Citizen’s Crowdfunding Effort Hits $3 Million

Star Citizen, a game created by the designer behind the popular Wing Commander franchise Chris Roberts, recently hit its crowdfunding campaign goals – and then some.

The game passed the $3 million mark last night, making it one of the highest-funded video games in crowdfunding history.

Unlike most campaign managers, Roberts decided to double-up his crowdfunding efforts, creating both a Kickstarter page and a self-run Roberts Space Industries campaign powered by the white label crowdfunding plug-in IgnitionDeck (which, unlike Kickstarter, supports PayPal). The Kickstarter total currently stands at just over a million, double the initial goal, while the Roberts Space Industries campaign is slightly north of the $2 million mark.

This is surely exciting news for fans of Wing Commander and the space sim genre, which Roberts helped popularize. To keep the funds rolling in – the dual campaigns still have ten days before their conclusion – the team has introduced a number of stretch goals, as well as in-game add-ons for fans to preorder. It also rolled out a referral system, with lucrative prizes for those who can get the most friends to donate. The grand prize includes another Kickstarter star, the Oculus Rift headset, along with other gear.

We’ve reached out to Roberts Space Industries for comment on their success thus far and will update our readers when we hear back. In the meantime, check out our recent Q&A with IgnitionDeck’s Nathan Hangen, who makes the case for white label crowdfunding platforms over larger sites like Kickstarter.

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