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Star Wars and Pringles Come Together In ‘Force for Fun’ Crowdsourcing Campaign
© Image: Tongal

Star Wars and Pringles Come Together In ‘Force for Fun’ Crowdsourcing Campaign

Tongal, a creative crowdsourcing company that specializes in video advertisements, yesterday announced the winners of the ‘Force for Fun’ campaign that brought together the Star Wars and Pringles brands.

The 'Force for Fun' campaign started in December. Tongal paid out a total of $75,000 to the seven finalists, who craftily brought together the two not-so-similar brands.

- Dunder Mifflin Crowdsourcing Super Bowl Ad 

Tongal differentiates itself from other creative crowdsourcing firms by running its competitions in three parts: idea, pitch, and video. This allows the best ideas to be nurtured over the period of several months, Tongal would likely argue, and aligns the most creative ideas with the client’s ultimate vision. It also helps to widen Tongal’s crowd, as it involves writers (for the idea and pitch phases), illustrators (for storyboard pitch), videographers (for the actual video), and everyone in between. 

The winning idea brought home $23,750, while the sixth runner-up earned $1,662.50. While all ideas are very creative and well-made (you can check them all out here), this reporter’s favorite ad is called ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath,’ which came in third place, earning $9,500.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Tongal. Earlier this week, the company announced that its active projects’ rewards totalled over $1 million. And two weeks ago, Tongal said it’s looking to expand more into the music video space.

Tongal is one of several companies centered around crowdsourced advertisements. Two of its primary competitors include Poptent and GeniusRocket. To learn more about the space, check out the following articles:

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