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Sundance Again Puts Spotlight on Film Crowdfunding
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Sundance Again Puts Spotlight on Film Crowdfunding

The annual Sundance Film Festival is a fantastic opportunity for independent filmmakers and actors to showcase their talents to the world, and crowdfunding is playing an increasingly large role in helping films make it to the prestigious festival.

Of course, the most direct way crowdfunding is having an impact is by getting the films off the ground. Kickstarter, the leading creative crowdfunding platform around, has helped to fund 17 films at this year's Sundance, which the platform says represents more than 10 percent of the total submitted. It’s not surprising to see Kickstarter’s CEO Yancey Strickler attending the festival himself. After all, Film and Video was the platform’s second most successful category in 2014 in terms of total projects funded, with projects raising, on average, over $17,000.

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That’s typically not enough to actually shoot a film, but it does help filmmakers to cover costs they may not have foreseen when beginning the filming process. The award-winning short The Bravest, the Boldest (which premiered at last year’s Sundance festival), for instance, provides an excellent breakdown of the costs it’s looking to cover via its crowdfunding campaign.

In addition to providing just crowdfunding services, platforms are increasingly looking to form partnerships that offer filmmakers marketing and other support services. This year, for example, two platforms made such announcements at Sundance.

The first was made by Seed&Spark, unveiling a partnership with virtual reality media platform The two firms have joined forces to provide grants (both cash and “in-kind support, including equipment loans, on-set coaching, post-production services and funds to pay cast and crew”) to filmmakers working in the virtual reality space; presumably, will also cover the projects. Virtual reality is a recent addition to the film industry, and one that’s just starting to make some noise at Sundance.

The other announcement came from Indiegogo, who partnered up with Vimeo. The video site has set up a Creator Fund and will commit up to a million dollars in matching funds for Indiegogo’s film campaigns. Vimeo will also provide marketing services for the films that it decides to support, and will set up a dedicated section of its Vimeo On Demand platform for Indiegogo-funded movies.

Deadline Hollywood recently shared a brief interview with Kickstarter’s Strickler, talking about crowdfunding and film — check it out below.

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