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Survey Helps Us Get to Know Amazon's Mechanical Turks

Survey Helps Us Get to Know Amazon's Mechanical Turks

A new survey from Seattle-based CrowdControl provides some insight into exactly who Amazon's Mechanical Turk workers are. got an advance sneak peek at some of the survey findings. They reveal that most of the microworkers surveyed are otherwise employed and many sneak their Turk tasks in while at their day jobs as a means of making a little extra income.

Mechanical Turk uses an on-demand staffing model, with businesses being able to use multiple workers that complete tasks online to help finish projects quicker and often, cheaper. CrowdControl polled 50 percent of all active and registered United States-based Amazon Mechanical Turk workers earlier this month. Some of the interesting tidbits from the findings include:

  • Nearly 25 percent of workers polled say Amazon Mechanical Turk projects account for over 10 percent of their annual income.
  • The Turk crowd is dominated by females, who account for just over 56 percent of workers.
  • Turk workers are also young, with nearly half between the ages of 26 and 35.
  • Nearly 75 percent of those surveyed have a job outside of their Turk work.
  • Over 21 percent perform tasks while at another job.
  • Of the workers with day jobs, over 36 percent earn a salary of over $50,000 annually.
  • Nearly 61 percent of workers polled have college degrees.
  • 80 percent learned about Amazon Mechanical Turk online.

The survey provides another interesting take on the growing crowdsourcing market following's own recent survey of 32 crowdsourcing providers in the cloud labor market. 

CrowdControl says it will continue to follow up with the Mechanical Turk workforce quarterly.

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  • Guest Roshan Jan 04, 2012 03:50 am GMT

    a good study. Reminds me of survey I did at CloudFactory, mostly on developing countries which also suggested fair amount of mTurk workers who had a real job and good education. However, for developing countries, especially India (that has highest mTurk users), the level of real job income was in par with mTurk income. A good demographic was also profiled here

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