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The 2013 Crowdfunding Industry Survey A Resounding Success

The 2013 Crowdfunding Industry Survey A Resounding Success

The industry-wide crowdfunding survey closed this week, and we are elated to announce that response has been absolutely phenomenal – a huge thank you to all who participated!

This year, we received 309 responses from crowdfunding platform operators. This is more than double the responses we received last year, when 138 platforms participated in the survey! 

This means that the resulting Crowdfunding Industry Report will be even better than last year’s edition – which attracted much attention and was cited by organizations like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, Forbes, and many more.

Given the media attention, last year's report was widely circulated and very well received among business professionals, policy makers, and academics, as well as entrepreneurs and investors. Given crowdfunding's recent explosion in popularity, we expect an even larger reader base this year. If you are interested in sponsoring the report, please contact us at

We are truly excited to begin working on this year’s edition! Here are just some of the topics we will be exploring in the report:

  • Market Growth and Composition in aggregate and for each crowdfunding model
  • Growth in worldwide funding volume and composition by funds raised, category, year, and region and 2013 forecast of funds raised for 2013 by category
  • Market growth and composition in each category by number of Crowdfunding Platforms (CFPs) and by number of campaigns for each year and region
  • Location of CFPs globally and percentage breakdown of CFPs by region and category
  • Average campaign size by category and analysis of funds pledged compared to funds paid out
  • Funds paid out by industry sector (e.g., Financial Services) for Equity and Lending-based platforms
  • Funds paid out by market segment (e.g., Computer Games) for Reward and Donation-based categories
  • Commissions earned by CFPs
  • Average crowdfunding campaign timeframes and analysis of the number of times funders and fundraisers participate in campaigns
  • Use of payment systems
  • Comparison of legal environments in key crowdfunding markets

Even though the survey is now closed, we will consider late submissions – please email for more information.

The report is scheduled to come out in early April, and we will be holding an exclusive pre-release workshop in late March to discuss the report’s findings. Please contact massolution Research Director Kevin Berg Kartaszewicz-Grell at for more details on this event.

We have a fantastic team working on the survey and the report! It is thanks to their tireless efforts that the survey was such a success and this year's Crowdfunding Industry Report will be even better than last year's edition:

  • Kevin Berg Kartaszewicz-Grell; Research Director
  • Gerrit Ahlers (AT Kearney); Senior Analyst
  • Maria Adamowicz; Senior Analyst
  • Jonathan Sandlund; Educational Content
  • Alexander Rausch; Business Analyst
  • Veit Albert; Business Analyst
  • Bryan Zhang (Cambridge University); Research Analyst
  • Sean Carr (University of Virginia Darden School of Business); Research Analyst
  • Francesco Schiavone (University of Naples); Research Analyst/Regional Analyst (Italy)
  • Tim Haverkamp; Regional Analyst (The Netherlands)
  • Jia Qiao; Regional Analyst (China)
  • Anton Root; Editorial Support
  • Archenette Evangelio; Outreach Support and Management
  • Mayra Sernas; Executive Assistance

A huge thank you, again, to all platforms that partook in the survey! Below are the participants' logos -- if you don't see your logo here, please send an email to with the JPEG or PNG format logo attached.

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  • Asko Kauppi Asko Kauppi Feb 24, 2013 06:13 pm GMT

    Hi, Anton.

    Interesting to get a summary of the emerging industry - especially the year-to-year comparisons will no doubt be useful.

    One observation: the logos picture on this page is so huge (or something else is crooked?) it does not show on my iPhone.

  • Anton Root Anton Root Feb 28, 2013 02:58 pm GMT

    Hi Asko - thank you for the tip. We looked into the problem, it should be fixed. Is it working for you now?

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