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The Benefits of Working via the Cloud [Infographic]
© Image: Screenshot by Eric Mack /

The Benefits of Working via the Cloud [Infographic]

Currently, 3 million Americans never set foot in an office, telecommuting from home or wherever instead. Many of those workers put in at least a portion of their hours via a cloud labor platform like oDesk, eLance or

The below infographic sent to me by the folks at Bolt Insurance takes a look at the trend of cloud commuting and its impacts. It was filled with enough tasty data points and factoids that it seemed worth passing along:

- The Lawsuit That Could Help Undo (or Cement) Crowdsourcing in the U.S.
- Crowdtesting: Better, Faster, Cheaper
Online Jobs Grow as Economy Shrinks

benefits of employee telecommuting infographic
Via: BOLT Insurance

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  • Guest Rupert Lanuza Feb 18, 2013 04:31 pm GMT

    Great Article.
    At first, I was doing as my part time job. Until one day I noticed that I am earning more on elance than my full time job.
    I decided to quit my job and work fulltime on elance. I am happier and satisfied with my life.
    Thanks to Elance, I am working comfortable at home with my son and wife.

  • Guest The SEO guy Feb 20, 2013 04:12 pm GMT

    The same experience I had, when I found more earning through eLance than my full time job. The only thing I miss is colleagues working with me! But overall its much good experience than full time working in an office.

  • Ryan Flynn Ryan Flynn Apr 11, 2013 04:56 pm GMT

    Really nice infographic, I definitely think if there is a way to show some data on reduced stress levels at work with the option of working day out of the week at home and productivity increasing it would do wonders for our economy, curious what everyone thinks of Marisa Mayers' decision to put an end to Yahoo employees working from home?

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