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The Benefits of Working via the Cloud [Infographic]
© Image: Screenshot by Eric Mack /

The Benefits of Working via the Cloud [Infographic]

Currently, 3 million Americans never set foot in an office, telecommuting from home or wherever instead. Many of those workers put in at least a portion of their hours via a cloud labor platform like oDesk, eLance or

The below infographic sent to me by the folks at Bolt Insurance takes a look at the trend of cloud commuting and its impacts. It was filled with enough tasty data points and factoids that it seemed worth passing along:

- The Lawsuit That Could Help Undo (or Cement) Crowdsourcing in the U.S.
- Crowdtesting: Better, Faster, Cheaper
Online Jobs Grow as Economy Shrinks

benefits of employee telecommuting infographic
Via: BOLT Insurance

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