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The Social Help Desk Revolution [Infographic]
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The Social Help Desk Revolution [Infographic]

Social media is key to crowdsourcing, whether it be raising money for a project through crowdfunding or looking for solutions via open innovation. But how popular and influential are social media sites themselves? The infographic below, put together by, shows some statistics around social media and how users share information about products and services. 

The infographic first appeared on the blog.

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  • Guest Jana Jan 24, 2013 01:36 pm GMT

    Interesting graphics! As always negative feedback goes a longer way than positive. Especially for a company with international clients and an international community it is very difficult to provide 24/7 support. I wonder how other companies do it. Do they all have offices in various locations? We only have an office in Germany and depending on the country and time difference it takes almost 2 days for the message to be read by one of the support staff. I personally find it difficult to be online 24/7 if it means working in your free time. Please don't get me wring, I behave just like the average social media user and online shopper. But I think ever since the role of social media in customer service is growing, people are getting more and more impatient. Maybe it is time to relax and wait at least for a little while before forming a negative opinion about customer service :)

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