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The Worldwide Crowdfunding Landscape: An Infographic
© Image: Eventstir

The Worldwide Crowdfunding Landscape: An Infographic

Here at, we like to fill you in on all the latest crowdfunding statistics — from the industry at large to Kickstarter’s year — but sometimes it’s easier to see stats than read them.

The folks at Eventstir whipped up the following infographic, which provides a great overview of the worldwide crowdfunding landscape. It covers broad topics, like overall dollars raised and platform breakdown by region, as well as specific ones, including the most successful platforms and projects.

For more extensive and recent data, check out our recent 2013CF (crowdfunding) industry report.

We’d like to thanks to Eventstir founder Sajad Ghanizada for adding the infographic to our user-submitted section. If you want to add your own piece of content to the site, click that big, green ‘+ CONTENT’ button at the top of the page and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

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