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Top Project: American McGee’s ‘Alice: Otherlands’
© Image: American McGee / Spicy Horse

Top Project: American McGee’s ‘Alice: Otherlands’

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The Project:

American McGee’s Alice: Otherlands

The Goal:

Video game designer American McGee plans to create a series of computer-animated short films to conclude his Alice trilogy, which began with video games American McGee’s Alice (2000) and Alice: Madness Returns (2011). Set years after Lewis Carroll’s novels, Otherlands will feature a darker, more macabre depiction of Alice. From the Kickstarter campaign page:

The third installment of the story would find Alice leveraging her super hero-like power to invade the minds of others, hence "Otherlands." 1875 in London is a time filled with a rich array of characters, each a potential vehicle for Alice's new adventures - Jules Verne, Jack the Ripper, Darwin, Queen Victoria and a plethora of French artists. In this final piece of the story, I imagine we'll see Alice fighting against a larger conspiracy - one that impacts all the inhabitants of London - battling an organization or bad guy intent on capturing all of society in a nightmarish "prison of the mind." This is, in effect, a commentary on the soul crushing birth of industrial society... but we can and will give it a fantastic twist.

The Crowd’s Role:

The Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter campaign closed yesterday after surpassing its $200,000 goal. Over 20 days, American McGee and his Shanghai-based game studio Spicy Horse were able to raise more than $222,000 from 3,389 backers. The money will allow McGee and Spicy Horse to license the films rights to the Alice property and hire external partners to help animate Otherlands — the first step toward creating a feature-length Alice film, McGee’s ultimate goal.

Why We Care:

Increasingly, crowdfunding campaigns are outliving their countdown clock. Although the Kickstarter is over, Otherlands is still accepting donations: McGee is using pledge management tool BackerKit for post-campaign support and order fulfillment. That means you can support the project through PayPal and receive any and all of the rewards offered through Kickstarter. A high-profile project like Otherlands has the potential to buoy this emerging network of product managers and vendors, who help crowdfunders navigate the gap between their campaigns and polished products.

But really, we’re excited about Otherlands because of American McGee’s twisted, imaginative worlds. The spaces Alice navigates in the video games are stunning, so we can’t wait to see her romp through the 19th century's most prominent minds — like Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, and Mark Twain — in their virtual incarnations. To get a glimpse at what that might look like, check out the Otherlands pitch video below.

The Video:

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