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Top Project: Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Kickstarter
© Image: Double Fine / Kickstarter

Top Project: Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Kickstarter

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The Project: 

Double Fine’s Massive Chalice

The Goal:

Double Fine Productions, a San Francisco-based games studio founded by industry veteran Tim Schafer, plans to create a turn-based tactics game with deep, strategic gameplay. Because the studio wants to create the game without publisher-imposed restrictions, the Double Fine crew has turned to its fans for help.

Double Fine’s goal is for all our teams to remain independent and responsible directly to their players. Kickstarting Massive Chalice allows us to maintain a pure creative vision, put out updates on our own schedule, respond to feedback without roadblocks, and release it all DRM-free.

The Crowd’s Role:

Double Fine is asking for $725,000 to turn this idea into a fully-fledged video game. Even though Massive Chalice is in an early state, with just a few pieces of concept art released, there’s little doubt that it’ll meet the goal. The campaign launched today, and in just a few hours it’s raised $250,000. The reward tiers range from $20 (a copy of the game, your name in the credits) to $10,000 (board game night with the team, design meeting input, among other rewards).

Why We Care:

Plenty of game developers ran Kickstarter campaigns before Double Fine launched its first project on the platform, but Tim Schafer and his team redefined what was possible with Double Fine Adventure. When they raised $3.34 million in March 2012, indie developers and mid-size game studios around the world realized crowdfunding was a viable — and in some cases preferable — funding alternative for video game development.

But beyond that, Double Fine is a top-notch studio that makes fun, creative games. We appreciate Double Fine’s commitment to community involvement — they launched the project so early in its life cycle in order to get fan feedback throughout the entire process — and have no doubt about the team’s ability to deliver a quality game to its backers.

If the project is fully funded (and believe us, it will be), Double Fine expects to launch Massive Chalice in September 2014 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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