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Top Project: Kickstarted, a Kickstarter to Document the Crowdfunding Revolution
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Top Project: Kickstarted, a Kickstarter to Document the Crowdfunding Revolution

Editor's Note:'s editors frequently highlight the most interesting, innovative or otherwise noteworthy projects that take advantage of crowdsourcing or crowdfunding. We also often discuss projects that have caught our eye in the Crowded Room. If you've got a project you'd like us to know about, please upload it via the add content button above, and share it with us via our social media channels, including Twitter, our Google+ communities (the crowdfunding one is here, crowdsourcing is here) and our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The Project:

Kickstarted: Documenting the Crowdfunding Revolution

The Goal:

Kickstarted is the documentary film project of producer Jason Cooper and design pro Jay Armitage to tell the story of the crowdfunding revolution. According to Cooper and Armitage:

Our goal is to present a truthful, exciting and inspiring look at what it means to be creative, independent and funded by the crowd.

The Crowd's Role:

Cooper and Armitage have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund $85,000 to finish filming and production of the film. Perks include copies of the final film, invites to exclusive screening parties, tote bags and the opportunity to appear in the film.

Why We Care:

We're obviously a little bit biased when it comes to being partial to this campaign. It's clearly about one of our favorite topics, we've recently featured one of the interviews done with Zach Braff for the film, and our own Carl Esposti and Kevin Berg Kartaszewicz-Grell (part of the team behind our 2013CF Crowdfunding Industry Report) have also been interviewed by the Kickstarted team.

More importantly though, we share a common interest with the filmmakers, which is helping to get the word out about the massive potential for crowdfunding to a general public that often seems somewhat bewildered by the term.

The Video:

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  • Guest Nathan Jun 05, 2013 10:42 pm GMT

    Clearly the documentary isn't really a documentary if they aren't going to include platforms outside of Kickstarter. For example, Chris Roberts raised 3x more on his own website.

  • Patricia Soares Patricia Soares Jul 27, 2013 12:36 pm GMT

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