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Top Project: The Bradley, A Timepiece for the Visually Impaired
© Image: Eone Timepieces

Top Project: The Bradley, A Timepiece for the Visually Impaired

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The Project:

The Bradley: A Timepiece Designed to Touch and See

The Goal:

Eone Timepieces came to be thanks to one simple question: “What time is it?” Founder and CEO Hyungsoo Kim realized that despite the recent advances in technology, it was still difficult for the visually impaired to tell time. So, he envisioned the Bradley, a watch that uses ball bearings to signify time. From the campaign page:

Created in collaboration with product designers, engineers, and people with vision loss, The Bradley changes the way we interact with our timepieces. You shouldn't need to "watch" your wristwatch to tell the time, and that is why we call The Bradley a timepiece instead of a watch.

The Crowd’s Role:

Eone was looking to raise $40,000 over 35 days to fund the first production run; it met that goal in less than a day. Pledges are still going strong, and a week after the campaign’s launch, the Bradley is nearing the $300,000 mark. The first timepieces, which cost $128, are slated to ship in November; the second batch will follow in December.

Why We Care:

Aside from the Bradley's clear usefulness, this campaign caught our eye with its great pitch video. More than a pitch for the product, the video tells the story of Lt. Brad Snyder, who lost his sight while serving in Afghanistan as a bomb defuser. Snyder quickly resolved to not let the incident hold him back, and went on to capture two gold medals and a silver at the 2012 Paralympics in London. Snyder’s story is truly inspiring, and motivated the Eone team to name their timepiece after him. Check it out below.

The Video:

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