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Total Global Crowdfunding To Nearly Double in 2012 to $3b (massolution Research Report)

Total Global Crowdfunding To Nearly Double in 2012 to $3b (massolution Research Report)

May 8, 2012 - massolution™,'s sister company, a research firm specializing in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding solutions, released its first comprehensive Crowdfunding Industry Report. After collecting data from more than 170 crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) and other sources, the results revealed that CFPs raised almost $1.5 billion and successfully funded more than one million campaigns in 2011. The majority of these campaigns were in the donation-based category totaling 1,067 campaigns, and North America was the largest market for fundraising at $837 million.

As of April 2012, there were 452 crowdfunding platforms active worldwide; and massolution projects there will be more than 530 by the end of 2012. The report also found that the crowdfunding market is growing at the rate of 63% CAGR in terms of total amount of funds raised.

Massolution identifies, defines and tracks the market growth and composition of four categories of crowdfunding platforms:

  1. Equity-based (for financial return): Platforms grew at 114% CAGR, primarily in Europe, and raised largest sums of funds per campaign; over 80% raised $25,000+
  2. Donation-based (motivated by philanthropic or sponsorship incentive): Platforms raised the most funds at $676M, but are the slowest-growing at 43% CAGR
  3. Lending-based (P2P, P2B, and social): Platforms represent the second largest category raising $552M, and grew at 78% CAGR faster than donation-based
  4. Reward-based (for non-monetary rewards): Platforms show very high growth at 524% CAGR, but from a low base of close to $1.6M in 2009

“As large sums can be raised via crowdfunding, it has become a viable alternative for capital formation for new commercial ventures, projects and both social and community-based initiatives,” said Carl Esposti, CEO of massolution and founder of “Driven by equity-based and reward-based crowdfunding, our forecasts indicate total funds raised will nearly double this year. Additionally, the passing of the JOBS ACT will have a profound effect on the growth of crowdfunding in the U.S. In 2013, we expect securities-based crowdfunding to bring new sources of funding to many startups and early stage businesses.”

Research Methodology

Survey respondents were asked more than 30 detailed questions relating to the participants on their platforms, the functionality of their platforms and their fundraising activities for the calendar years 2009, 2010 and 2011. This was validated by direct communications with 170 Crowdfunding Platforms (CFPs) and significant secondary research. Crowdfunding platforms that participated in this research represent all key regions and all categories of the crowdfunding market. Massolution ensured the accuracy of the analyses by excluding questionable data and incomplete responses. The report can be found at

Broad distribution of the report was made possible by Founding Research Sponsor EG&S and Research Sponsors GATE Technologies and J. H. Cohn.

Please download a complementatry Abridged Version of the report (preview copy) or, for the next 30 days we are offering a limited time discount of 75% off the price of the full report. Please use the discount code 316L7P19 when purchasing the report. This code will expire on June 8, 2012.

Journalists interested in a copy of the report can contact Jennifer Moebius at

About massolution

massolution™, a business unit of Crowdsourcing LLC, that also operates the industry website, is a unique research and advisory firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industry. massolution’s unique data assets, fact-based research and proprietary intellectual property, drive forward-looking and actionable insights that inform the strategies and operations of business leaders and market stakeholders.

massolution works with leading organizations to deliver crowdsourcing business models that access an on-demand, scalable workforce to deliver improved business performance and to drive product and service innovation and enhanced levels of customer engagement. Our team has experience working in large enterprise environments designing, implementing, and managing crowdsourcing initiatives. More information at or

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