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Turning to the 2013CF Report to Make Sense of the Crowdfunding Industry

Turning to the 2013CF Report to Make Sense of the Crowdfunding Industry

April has been a huge month for crowdfunding. The month kicked off with some major events centered on the first birthday of the JOBS Act, while a few days later, our sister research and advisory arm, massolution, released 2013CF, the 2nd Crowdfunding Industry Report that has quickly become the standard for those looking for valuable data on one of the globe's most exciting sectors.

Worldwide media outlets sat up and took notice of the big growth numbers that the Crowdfunding industry posted in 2012 -- massolution's predictions from last year's report turned out to be on target -- while also looking to the future and continued growth that is expected to turn crowdfunding into a $5.1 billion industry by next year.

- 2013CF: The Crowdfunding Industry Report
- The World Reacts to massolution's Crowdfunding Industry Report
- Crowdfunding Market Grew 81% in 2012, Finds massolution Industry Report

Of course, there's much more data and insight in the report than what you've read in the headlines (you can find more info on purchasing the report by clicking here).

While we were still busy fielding media requests, April took a sad turn with the tragedy at the Boston Marathon and at an industrial explosion in Texas. But from the ashes of those disasters, we saw the generosity and goodwill of crowdfunders again demonstrate the seemingly endless capacity for this industry to transform the way we think about everything from capital formation to how we lend a hand to others in times of need.

Crowdfunding campaigns have already raised millions for the victims of the senseless actions of a few, and even helped to buy a new boat for one man after his pride and joy was shot up during the capture of one of the suspects in the bombings.

So, just a few weeks after the release of 2013CF, the phones began ringing again with requests from media looking for insight into the crowdfunding landscape and this powerful new force that is changing the nature of our relationships, not just with capital and cash, but with each other.

The bottom line of it all is this: So far as we at and massolution can tell, this thing is just getting started. Lots of changes and growth are predicted for crowdfunding this year, with even more to come after that.

To get the most comprehensive look anywhere of where it's all heading, it's worth purchasing the report. But obviously we're a little biased, so don't take our word for it. Take a look at what all our friends in the media have had to say about 2013CF and the state of the crowdfunding industry just during the past month alone:

4.8.13: Reuters - Global Crowdfunding Volumes Rise 81% in 2012
- reposted by 3000+ sites, including
SV Mercury News, The Globe & Mail, CNBC, HuffPo
4.8.13: AFP - Crowdfunding Gaining Momentum - Study
- reposted by 350+ sites, including MSN, Sydney Morning Herald
4.8.13: TIME - Crowdfunding Soared to $2.7B in 2012, But Equity Funding Is Still On Ice
4.8.13: Bloomberg Businessweek - Crowdfunders Are Quietly Donating & Lending Billions
4.8.13: VentureBeat - Crowdfunding Nearly Doubled Last Year with 1M Campaigns
4.8.13: Entrepreneur - Crowdfunding Industry On Fire: Trends To Watch
4.8.13: Silicon Valley Business Journal - Loan, Reward, Donation-Based Crowdfunding Boom
- also posted on Portland Business Journal & Puget Sound Business Journal
4.8.13: CNET - Crowfunding Raises $2.7B Worldwide in 2012
4.8.13: PC World - 5 Tips for Running a Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign
4.8.13: UpStart Business Journal - Crowdfunding’s Tally: $2.6B in 2012 and Growing
4.8.13: AdvisorOne - Crowdfunding Volumes Explode, Heading to %5B in 2013
4.8.13: TMCNet - Report Says Global Crowdfunding To Reach $5.1B in 2013
4.8.13: CFIRA - Studies Show 81% Jump in Crowdfunding
4.8.13: CfPA - New Studies Show 81% Jump in Crowdfunding
4.9.13: SFGate Tech - Could Crowdfunding Reach $5B This Year?
4.9. 13: Fundraising Mag - Global Crowdfunding Predicted to Top $5B This Year
4.9.13: Xconomy - New World of Crowdfunding Waits as SEC Struggles to Complete Its Job
4.9.13: The National (UAE) - Global Crowdfunding Expands as Alternative Source of Finance
4.9.13: CNET Australia - Crowdfunding Now a Billion Dollar Industry
4.9.13: BGR - The Crowdfunding Market Exploded to $2.7 Billion in 2012
4.9.13: TechSpot - Crowdfunding Platforms Raised $2.7 Billion Globally in 2012
4.9.13: UpStart Business Journal - Kickstarter for Solar Gets 100 Million Go-Ahead
4.9.13: Smart Planet - Crowdfunding Raised Billions in 2012
4.9.13: Market News (CA) - Study: Crowdfunding Surged in 2012
4.10.13: The Washington Post - VC Firms Struggle to Raise Money in First Quarter
4.10.13: Inc. - What’s Really Going On with Crowdfunding
4.11.13: PopSci - Cash Raised Through Crowdfunding Tripled in Three Years
4.12.13: HuffPo - Shift Happens: Social Impact of Crowfunding & Why You Matter
4.12.13: Forbes - US Leads World in Burgeoning Crowdfunding Trend
4.13.13: EuroMoney - Crowdfunding Gets Stamp of Approval
4.16.13: The Washington Post - Small Business Weekly: Crowdfunding Delays
4.17.13: Fast Company - The Future of Crowdfunding is More Than Kickstarter
4.19.13: WIRED - The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding? Kickstarting People
4.24.13: The Street [VIDEO] - Crowdfund Investors Poised To Win
4.25.13: Bloomberg News - Bombing Victims Get Millions as Internet Redefines Giving
4.25.13: Businessweek - Bombing Victims Get Millions as Internet Redefines Giving
4.29.13: The National (UAE) - More People Are Putting Money Where Mouse Is
4.29.13: VentureBeat - The State of the Crowdfunding Industry: Stronger Than Ever
4.29.13: Washington Post - Crowdfunding Trend Poised To Make Mark On US Investing


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