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Using Crowdsourcing to Bolster Online Marketing Outreach
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Using Crowdsourcing to Bolster Online Marketing Outreach

Anji Ismail, CEO of crowdsourced inbound marketing company Capseo, unveiled a new product called DOZ at last week’s Launch festival.

DOZ aims to help companies enter new countries by crowdsourcing organic marketing (specifically, search, social media, and blogs).

While the new product shares the same outlook as Capseo, it caters specifically to U.S. companies, and is built on a proprietary new platform with more powerful algorithms, Ismail told

“Everything inside is new,” he explained. “It’s the same vision, and the same team working on it, but the product is different.”

Automation is key for DOZ, and the company has built complex algorithms to limit the human element as much as possible. When a company applies to work with DOZ, the software looks at a brand’s analytics to ensure that any relationship would be a mutually beneficial one.

Once approved, a company specifies what types of marketing it needs in a given country (search, social media, or blogging), the number of new visitors it wants DOZ to bring in, and the length of the campaign. DOZ’s “marketing professionals” receive the brief, and the system allocate the tasks amongst them based on their skills, culture and industry knowledge. A typical campaign, Ismail noted, is comprised of 150 to 200 tasks per month.

When brands select the number of unique views they want DOZ to bring them and the length of the campaign, they also see the monthly cost for the campaign. DOZ reimburses companies for any visitors it promised to deliver, but didn’t. It doesn’t charge, however, for bringing a site more readers than agreed to. The company also licenses out its software to marketing agencies, which accounts for roughly 35 percent of the company’s revenue stream, the CEO said.

When tasks are created, the software identifies the most appropriate workers to complete it by looking at their social proofs (things like location, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, industry, etc.), as well as by having workers complete a test when they register. The best available worker is assigned the task, and the runner up edits it. Ismail said DOZ has around 3,500 marketing professionals on its platform. Because of its emphasis on quality and on pairing the right individuals to the right campaigns and tasks, the company calls what it does “prosourcing.”

Experts are paid per task, and earn a premium for bringing a company lots of visitors. The more tasks they complete, the more points they earn, unlocking more complicated task opportunities and taking on more responsibility.

DOZ isn’t actively looking to increase its workforce pool, Ismail explained, because each campaign relies on a relatively small group of workers – it would be difficult for a large team to coordinate a clear marketing strategy. One of the company’s most involved campaigns made use of 18 influencers over 6 months in one country, according to the CEO. He said the size of team goes up as a brand looks to enter new markets.

DOZ is working on teaming up with freelancer marketplace oDesk, however, to find the best workers in new countries. Currently, DOZ’s experts operate primarily in European and Latin American countries (see above), though the CEO indicated that the company is looking to expand to Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

Other future plans for DOZ, Ismail said, are to open the service to the public at large (it is currently in beta) and to raise money to continue improving its operations.

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