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Video Game Experts Debate: Is the Kickstarter Honeymoon Over?
© Image: Vernon Villanueva / DeviantArt

Video Game Experts Debate: Is the Kickstarter Honeymoon Over?

In the latest episode of Bonus Round, Gametrailers’ weekly show about the video game industry, gaming experts Seamus Blackley, Marcus Beer, and Jeff Cannata discuss crowdfunding for video games — specifically, the continuing viability of Kickstarter as a funding mechanism for both indie and mainstream game developers.

Topics covered include game release dates, backer expectations, and physical versus digital games, among others. It’s an informative, balanced debate that’s worth a watch if you’re interested in crowdfunding or the gaming industry; you can check it out below.

For the most part, I’ll the panelists above speak for themselves, but I want to highlight one quote that is relevant to not just crowdfunded games, but nearly all crowdfunding projects: "A late [project] is only late until it ships, a bad [project] is bad forever.”

Perhaps the Pebble backers still waiting for their smartwatches can take comfort in that maxim.

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