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Waze Introduces Facebook Events Integration
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Waze Introduces Facebook Events Integration

Crowdsourced traffic application Waze released version 3.7 of its mobile app today, introducing integration with Facebook events.

The update follows reports that acquisition talks between Waze and Facebook have broken off. Apparently, the discussions hit a snag over the issue of relocation – Waze is primarily based in Israel, and didn’t wish to leave the country, which proved to be a deal-breaker for Facebook.

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Waze is one of the best known crowdsourcing apps around, with nearly 50 million users worldwide. The latest update gives users even more social features in the app. Wazers who connect their Facebook profile to the app will be able to see upcoming events in the navigation list. This will eliminate the need for drivers to go into the Facebook app and manually copy and paste the address into Google Maps (or use the beleaguered iOS Maps application).

Facebook integration also means drivers will be able to see which other friends are on the way to the event, and where they are located.

“Friends will appear on a vertical transparent bar on the right side of map in the order in which they are expected to arrive at the event," the company explained in a blog post announcing the update. "Tapping on the bar will give a more detailed view of each friend’s ETA to the event."

Waze also added a few other improvements into the update, including redesigned pop-up alerts.

The update shows the kinds of features Waze could have rolled out in the future if it had been taken over by Facebook. On several occasions, the social media giant expressed interest in buying out the crowdsourced driving app, with the first such reports emerging last summer.

Apple and Google have also been connected to the app, though Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly denied that Apple made a bid for Waze, according to All Things D. The latest rumor is that Google has offered over a billion dollars for the app, though Waze executives are also said to be considering an IPO.

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