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‘What Moscow Wants’ Campaign Crowdsources City Improvement Ideas
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‘What Moscow Wants’ Campaign Crowdsources City Improvement Ideas

Nobody knows a city – both its hidden treasures and flaws – better than its inhabitants. So when collecting ideas on how to improve the city, it makes sense to ask the people who reside there.

That’s exactly what the Strelka Institute, a media, architecture, and design school, is doing with its ‘What Moscow Wants’ crowdmapping and ideation campaign. 

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The initiative, which launched on July 1, is soliciting ideas from Muscovites on how to improve their beloved metropolis.

Strelka has set up a website for users to submit their ideas, placing them on a map. Nearly 900 ideas have been submitted to that map. Some of the ideas include pedestrian bridges across the Moskva River, more benches in parks, and designated places where pets can play.

Aside from the ideation site, Strelka has been hosting events to promote the campaign, and set up places throughout the city for citizens to write down their ideas. (The poster to the right, for instance, was hung at a library.)

‘What Moscow Wants’ is stretched out over three phases: the first, which is running until September 20th, is asking people to submit ideas on how to improve Moscow, and to tag the location on a map.

The second stage, which kicks off on September 1st, asks designers and architects to pick one or several ideas and provide a conceptual solution to the problem; this phase ends on October 15th. The third and final phase is presenting the ideas to local government officials and urban planning experts at the Moscow Urban Forum, which will take place December 5 - 7.

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