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When Crowdfunding, Don't Forget the Details and Patience
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When Crowdfunding, Don't Forget the Details and Patience

Editor's Note: In the latest installment of her crowdfunding campaign journal, Karinna Kittles-Karsten talks about the importance of patience. To check out past entries in Karinna's journal, you can find them all here.

While it is very easy to say "be patient," it is quite another to actually be it…. especially when you're ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign

Right now I am going over campaign materials with a fine tooth comb. I am dealing with technical issues as this is happening! Yikes.

I am more than ready in my mind to launch but must, must make sure that everything is truly in place and checked off for a successful launch.

Hint: Make sure you have step by step donating instructions in your copy for all those recipients that have never given to a crowdfunding campaign.

Patience is my meditation!

Start breathing deeply.

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