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Where to Crowdfund Your Party, Event or Concert

Where to Crowdfund Your Party, Event or Concert

Editor’s Note: Thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign but don’t know where to begin? Check out the advice column below from Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding campaign consultant who runs The Crowdfundamentals and was named as a top 100 crowdfunding thought leader. Rose is answering questions from the crowd about raising cash via rewards-based crowdfunding. You can submit your own questions to Rose via tweet, Facebook or Google Plus comment, or leaving it in the comments below. You can find her previous tips here.

The question, via Twitter:

Alex Foral: @TCFrose Is there any Platform that helps to realize Events/Partys/Concerts with funded money?#crowdfunding #CrowdDialog

The answer:

The idea of pre-funding concerts probably entered mainstream consciousness most famously this past Fall when some Richmond, Virginia locals, and rabid Foo Fighter fans, decided it had been way too long since the band played their hometown. So they used crowdfunding to harness its power of disintermediation. The platform of choice was Tilt/Open.

By all accounts everyone was happy, and lead man David Grohl announced in Rolling Stone that this could be a permanent approach to how they toured.

It should be noted that another crowdfunding campaign followed shortly after to get the band to Birmingham, UK. This one was on Kickstarter and though it exceeded its funding goal, the creators were forced to cancel due to a failure of the Foo Fighters’ management to respond in a timely fashion. It seems Kickstarter would not extend project creators a grace period beyond its allotted 60-day maximum campaign run. Not privy to any other details, the moral of this story still seems to be: to play it safe, don’t use Kickstarter because there are plenty of other choices.

What follows is a list of platforms that specifically cater to event-related campaigns by providing ticket-sales and other relevant features.

For Concerts Only

Rabbl is limited to musical concerts, but all the other “tipping” basics are in place: Fans begin a campaign to convince their favorite back to play in their town, if enough money is raised it happens. If enough money is not raised, no one gets charged.

Get My Band allows for touring bands to choose where they want to play or for fans to pledge the price of a concert ticket. The idea was first kicked off at last year’s SXSW event when JamBase, an informational music and concert website, and Get My Band joined forces to present a crowdfunded showcase in Austin. The results were so good they made the relationship permanent.

Krowdpop also lets you vote for your favorite group, or start your own movement. If you hit your goal the concert is on. Miss it and you can retry with no money, or love, lost.

For Any Concert, Party, or Event

GigFunder is US-based and can be used by either fans who want to see their favorite artists at live shows in their own cities or US-based artists, such as bands, DJs, comedians, speakers, touring dance squads, or anyone else who wants to tour. No one is charged unless the campaign is fully funded and rewards can be tickets to the show or signed merch.

Picatic says they created the site so event planners don’t have to worry about being gouged by ticket sellers. The site uses an event editor that allows you to create a custom event page, set ticket prices, use promotional tools to garner interest, via social media, sell tickets online, and track ticket sales. Events can run a gamut that includes over 20 categories. Payment by Euro, British Pound, and AUD are accepted through Stripe, or by credit card.

CommitChange offers easy ticket sales, promotion through social network integration, and simplified RSVP so you can see who else is coming and what kind of ticket they purchased.

Deposit a Gift a “fund anything” site has a ticket sales feature which allows you to integrate with traditional fundraising events by selling tickets on the crowdfunding site, as well as a receipt customization tool.

Tilt / Open is the white label open source platform also allows funding beyond concerts. You can fund a Haunted Halloween Riverboat Party, for example, or a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Did I miss any? Please let me and the readers know!

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  • Luis Sevilla Luis Sevilla Aug 17, 2015 10:19 pm GMT

    Hi Rose, I would like to add a new platform for events, venues, artists and gigs: is a new crowdfunding and artists booking platform. Now anyone can afford to book artists and entertainers to perform and to cover the related costs for their next event. Supporters donate in advance to attend the event and receive reduced entry, great rewards and incentives.

    The website charges a flat fee of 10% for all successful campaigns and 5% goes back to the initial backers of each campaign at the event. Disaster relief campaigns ran by artists are 100% Free. 5% fee for campaigns for a charity or causes. We also offer the option for campaign management and each campaign gets a Free summary review.

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