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Why Is Crowdfunding Just Now Taking Off? [Video]

Why Is Crowdfunding Just Now Taking Off? [Video]

As we’ve noted in the past, the team behind the documentary Kickstarted – a film about the crowdfunding revolution that was partially funded through Kickstarter – recently interviewed Carl Esposti, CEO of and our sister firm Massolution, and Kevin Berg Kartaszewicz-Grell, crowdfunding research director at Massolution.

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Last night, the filmmakers posted part of the interview on their YouTube channel, as part of the ongoing ‘Crowdfunding Stories’ series. Some of the other interviewees include Zach Braff, Amanda Palmer, and Brad Wyman, chief creative officer at FundAnything, the Donald Trump-backed crowdfunding platform.

Esposti and Kartaszewicz-Grell discuss the size of the crowdfunding industry, why backers don’t mind waiting for months for a product at an age of instant gratification, and why crowdfunding is just now taking off. Check out the interview below!

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