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With Holidays on the Horizon, Platforms Crowdfund Goodwill Projects
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With Holidays on the Horizon, Platforms Crowdfund Goodwill Projects

With Thanksgiving behind us and the gifting season underway, a number of new altruistic crowdfunding platforms are looking to spread the holiday cheer to those in need. We highlight a few of the newcomers and revisit one of the campaigns we’ve written about in the past.


Pledgeit is a crowdfunding platform created by the U.K. charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Launched on Monday, the platform is notable in two regards. First, of course, for its emphasis on crowdfunding for cancer research – a worthy cause in itself. But Pledgeit is not just a straightforward platform with a noble mission. It’s also looking put a twist on the traditional model by crowdfunding “challenges” that friends can dare one another. It works like this: a person can pledge to donate money to charity (and get others to pledge) if a friend completes a certain dare – walk the dog every day for a week, for example, or go a day without using technology. Once the person completes the challenge, the money pledged goes to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.


Last month, on Canadian Thanksgiving, a fire left 26 people homeless in Fredericton. Fortunately, the Fredericton community came together and supported the individuals, finding them shelter and hot meals until they were able to get back on their feet. But not all homeless people are so lucky. So to help the less fortunate, the new Canadian site CrowdFundChoice launched with the campaign called “The Next 26.” The project is looking to raise $50,000 to build low-income housing in downtown Fredericton with the goal of providing a long-term solution to homelessness. 

My Class Needs

Staying in Canada, another crowdfunding site sprung up only yesteday, backed by the My Class Needs Foundation. The eponymous platform asks certified teachers working in Canadian schools to submit proposals for projects. The foundation encourages teachers to submit proposals to fund everything from art supplies to field trips. The proposals that are approved make it onto the site, in hopes of getting funding. Working in teachers’ favor are the relatively modest funding goals – several hundred to a few thousand dollars.


Another platform that opened to the public yesterday was CureLauncher, dedicated specifically to funding cancer research. Its inaugural project is a campaign for DM-CHOC-PEN, a chemotherapy drug designed specifically for treating breast cancer and tumors that have spread to other parts of the body. In a video announcing the launch, the platform’s founder, Stephen Goldner, promises his site will channel funds directly to researchers and will update backers on how their donations are used. Goldner hopes the platform will also reduce the time researchers spend applying for grants, making them more efficient.

Sandy Recovery

With temperatures dropping in America’s Northeast, it’s important not to forget about those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Some good news is that one of the campaigns we had written about, the Tumblr and Humans of New York Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser, has more than tripled its funding goal and now stands at around $320,000. In total, projects devoted to Sandy relief have raised over $750,000 on Indiegogo alone. Still, many less prominent campaigns have yet to meet their goals and should not be neglected. Check out the full list on Indiegogo, as well as a few other crowdfunding platforms that have committed to helping those affected by the hurricane.

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