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Founded in June 2009 by Keith Smith and Jeff Malek, BigDoor is a Seattle-based startup dedicated to making the online world more rewarding by providing gamification technology to non-gaming...

Tonya Van Dijk Mar 19, 2011 01:52 am GMT3134 views
Enterprise gamification: Will it drive better business performance?
document Crowd Creativity

In particular, crowdsourcing can be very important element of successful gamification.Here are some of the leading providers of gamification services, crowdsourcing platforms, and tools: *...

Rebecca GutierrezApr 30, 2012 01:39 am GMT9094 views
Enterprise gamification: Will it drive better business performance?
How Gamification Drives Crowdsourcing

When Seth Priebatsch, CEO at SCVNGR, delivered his audaciously provocative presentation at TED he was talking about how to motivate the crowd when money isn’t the currency. You can call the approach of rewarding certain online behaviors (or penalizing others) 'Gamification', 'Game Mechanics', or 'Social Rewards', all are being equally banded about and are receiving lots of buzz. Whatever you call it, it’s all about the motivation of the masses...we’ll call it Gamification.

The options for presenting a range of digital incentives and rewards is theoretically infinite but the primary design elements include motivational triggers such as: positive (and possibly immediate) feedback (e.g. a sound that quickly becomes recognizable upon the successful completion of a task); noticeable advancement through the “game” upon successfully performing the work (e.g. progression to a new level); awarding points, badges, and status levels, etc. (see Gowalla, GetGlue or Foursquare).

Gamification however can be about much more than just driving online engagement by awarding users tokens that represent their various levels of achievement – some refer to this type of consumer engagement as 'Pouring Chocolate on Broccoli' (a very Germanic expression meaning to simply spice something up that is a bit boring). Used in this manner, the greater potential of using Gamification is somewhat lost.

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Claudia PelzerSep 04, 2011 03:50 am GMT37415 views
Crowdsortium Symposium: Game Mechanics in the Crowd

This video features Jason Calacanis as moderator; Ben Wright, VP of Service Delivery and Marketplace, Trada; Matt Shobe, CDO, BigDoor; and Steve Sims, VP of Production and Client Services,...

Archenette EvangelioSep 29, 2011 02:11 am GMT1462 views
Crowdsortium Symposium: Game Mechanics in the Crowd
TechStars Seattle Grad GoChime Raises $630K To Help Brands Monetize Social Media

GoChime delivers relevant offers to people based on real needs they’ve expressed across their social media profiles. In other words, it’s direct marketing for social. Chimers are graded by a...

Tim SatterthwaiteJan 12, 2012 01:25 am GMT1069 views
TechStars Seattle Grad GoChime Raises $630K To Help Brands Monetize Social Media
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