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Upvote This: Reddit Users Are Writing a Law to Protect the Internet
document Distributed Knowledge

The goal of the act is stated on the sidebar of the subreddit: “To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by preventing the restriction of liberty and preventing...

Sebastian BlancaFeb 21, 2012 05:09 am GMT1961 views
Upvote This: Reddit Users Are Writing a Law to Protect the Internet
Reddit reveals first draft of crowdsourced Free Internet Act

The proposed legislation, which has been crowdsourced by members of the /r/fia subreddit, aims to "promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation" online, while...

Jason RobbinsFeb 28, 2012 02:44 pm GMT1936 views
Reddit reveals first draft of crowdsourced Free Internet Act
Brazil Hosts The First International Conference on Crowdsourcing, Communities and Co-Creation

A small gathering congregated in São Paulo this weekend, ahead of the first International Conference on Crowdsourcing, being hosted tomorrow at the offices of one of Brazil’s largest telcos, Vivo. Having not long returned from Europe, presenting at CrowdConvention in Berlin in June, Europe’s first ever Crowdsourcing event [link], the privilege once more be part of a small quorum of crowdsourcing evangelists sharing their insights and experience to another group of inquisitive on-lookers and practitioners alike, this time south of the equator, is one that is not overlooked.

Under the enthusiastic and tenacious leadership of Marina Miranda, Managing Director of mutopo, Latin America the event is sure to be a success. Based out of mutopo’s São Paulo Office, Miranda has secured contributions from enterprise sponsors Telefônica, vivo, Microsoft BizSpark, Tecnisa and Boa Vista and raised ticket sales of ~300, great for a first event in a new market. Miranda has also been able to secure a notable cast of speakers representing both local companies and the international market.

mutopo’s core business is social production with a mission to help organizations think through crowdsourcing applications and to support the implementation of initiatives often involving the introduction of other crowdsourcing tool providers to help 

Brazil, having experienced a huge uptake over the last twelve months both in the use of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and in terms of the number of new platforms launched, was ready and primed for its first event. The last twelve months have seen an increased adoption of crowdsourcing as a model to support open innovation, as a model for the production of creative works and for solutions requiring the crowd to collect and organize information.

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Flavio GutAug 29, 2011 12:12 am GMT9110 views
Reddit users draft legislation to protect internet freedom

Crowdsourcing legislation isn’t exactly new — after all the citizens of Iceland crowdsourced their constitution in 2011. This would, however, appear to one of the first incidences of an online...

Pablo BracciniFeb 21, 2012 10:25 pm GMT1457 views
Reddit users draft legislation to protect internet freedom
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