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Ambitious Startup Aims to Break Language Barriers
Cloud Labor, Tools

Babelverse is a platform that allows users to request on-demand interpretation of live or past events. Instead of relying on glitchy and unreliable software to do the job, Babelverse is recruiting thousands of members to provide instant interpretation into a variety of languages.

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Anton RootMay 30, 2012 04:30 am GMT3965 views
01 – Because Cheesy Sweet Nothings Can Sell
document Tools

“Now, no matter what language barriers there may be between you and your sweetheart, there is a fun new way to connect on this very sexy holiday,” says French co-founder Mayel de Borniol, who also...

Jason RobbinsFeb 14, 2012 01:19 am GMT1204 views
00 – Because Cheesy Sweet Nothings Can Sell
Babelverse main stage at LeWeb 2011 - presentation and Q&A
video Cloud Labor

Babelverse participated in the Startup Competition at LeWeb 2011 conference, and was honoured to be one of the three winners among more than 600 candidates! Relying on people to preserve the...

Marco TorquatiMar 11, 2012 09:50 pm GMT2166 views
Babelverse main stage at LeWeb 2011 - presentation and Q&A
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