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How Crowdfunding Empowers Customers

We take a look at a few campaigns that showcase how crowdfunding is altering the role of the consumer. For more examples, come check out Massolution NYC 2013!

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Anton RootAug 26, 2013 09:26 pm GMT7286 views

In 2000, a college student named Jake Nickell entered a t-shirt design contest hosted by, a (now defunct) online forum for web programmers and graphic designers. The winning design would become the official t-shirt of a Dreamless event in London. Out of about 100 entries, Nickell’s design won the contest.

Jacob DeHart, another college student with a passion for design, also entered the competition. Though his design didn’t win, he and Nickell (who had met through the forum) began to talk about how much fun it was to participate in the contest. “Dreamless was all about art and design and a lot of artists on there had 'battles' and shared/critiqued their work with each other,” wrote Nickell in a blog post entitled ‘ The History’. “It was all around a very creative environment for hobbyists and professionals alike to unleash some creativity in their free time.” That got the two thinking: what if they held an ongoing design contest where the winning t-shirts would go on sale? Soon, Threadless was born.

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Eric BlattbergNov 01, 2011 05:43 am GMT9897 views
Crowd Coffee: September 8
Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge

In this edition: real estate crowdfunding landscape gets new member; RealityCrowdTV on a crowdfunding television series; SaaS and the sharing economy; India government asks for 'Aspirational' videos; and more.

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Crowdsourcing.orgSep 08, 2014 05:15 pm GMT2764 views
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