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4 Simple Steps to Do-It-Yourself Social Media Crowdsourcing
document Distributed Knowledge

Crowdsourcing needn’t be a multi-million dollar formal process. At its heart are 4 easy steps: 1. Ask for Input. Many brands never think to ask what their community wants. 2. Listen...

Tim SatterthwaiteDec 05, 2011 11:17 pm GMT765 views
4 Simple Steps to Do-It-Yourself Social Media Crowdsourcing
Do It Yourself Manufacturing and the Impact on Innovation
document Distributed Knowledge

Crowdsourcing is one of individuals powerful technologies and techniques at fingertips.Technically speaking, crowdsourcing isn’t a technology but rather an approach to idea generation and...

Tonya Van Dijk Mar 30, 2012 04:22 am GMT2108 views
Do It Yourself Manufacturing and the Impact on Innovation
Do It Yourself (DIY) Crowdfunding - The Report
article Crowdfunding

DIY or Do It Yourself Crowdfunding is an emerging trend in the sector. In this model the crowdfunder decides not to use a popular crowdfunding platform and chooses to run the project themselves....

twintangiblesNov 04, 2013 04:48 pm GMT1356 views
Do It Yourself (DIY) Crowdfunding - The Report
Have You Heard of Assay Depot? It's the of Medical Research
document Distributed Knowledge

With services like Assay Depot, researchers can order tests performed on chicken proteins, dogs, and a vast array of other complex subjects. It's a simple concept, but its implications are...

Jayne AnnApr 14, 2012 02:26 am GMT1069 views
Have You Heard of Assay Depot? It's the of Medical Research
site Tools

InCrowd has developed an innovative do-it-yourself market research platform providing the global life sciences industry with immediate market feedback. The disruptive nature of the platform,...

Kathleen PoulosDec 20, 2011 07:28 pm GMT1395 views
What makes good public art? It's worthy of discussion
document Distributed Knowledge

Christina Lanzl of the Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, believes crowdsourcing is important. Public discussion and input is key. So is a self-starting,...

Claire MackayFeb 26, 2012 07:55 am GMT16568 views
What makes good public art? It's worthy of discussion
Crafting the Do-It-Yourself Economy
video Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge

This is a video recording of Crafting the Do-It-Yourself Economy from the Future Tense event Tinkering With Tomorrow. Cindy Au @shinyee_au Community Director, Kickstarter Chad Dickerson...

Luis Enrique MoralesMar 11, 2012 02:25 am GMT1811 views
Crafting the Do-It-Yourself Economy
MoCoMapps - Mobile Do-it Yourself Location-Based Crowdsourcing - from IBM Research
video Distributed Knowledge

Citizens have numerous questions they need answered by their municipalities and, conversely, can serve as a rich source of local data that would be valuable to cities and fellow citizens if...

Luis Enrique MoralesJul 10, 2012 08:46 pm GMT1373 views
MoCoMapps - Mobile Do-it Yourself Location-Based Crowdsourcing - from IBM Research
2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report
CrowdfundingCrowdfunding Platforms

As first of its kind, Massolution is publishing 2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report. It is a definitive guide to available crowdfunding software and solutions providers. This clear and concise report will guide you to the choices for building the platform you want, whether it is for donations, rewards, lending, equity, or royalty; whether it is a new site, an addition to an existing one, or a single campaign; whether you do it yourself or hire a provider. The report and exclusive web access to all provider profiles and comparisons, is the outcome of an extensive research of the market for crowdfunding software and solutions.

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1. Introduction
a. Foreword
i. Evolution of the Crowdfunding Market
ii. An Emerging Ecosystem
b. About this Research
i. Methodology and Presentation
ii. Research Team
iii. About massolution
c. Definitions and Taxonomy
i. Crowdfunding Defined
ii. Crowdfunding Models
2. Entering the Crowdfunding Market
a. Market Strategy
i. The Crowdfunding World Map
ii. Funding Volumes
iii. Crowdfunding Activity
b. Business Model and Strategy
i. Crowdfunding Model
ii. Revenue Model
iii. Cost Components
c. Market Positioning
i. Understand Your Crowd
ii. Branding and Uniqueness
iii. Integration with an Existing Site
iv. Affiliate Programs
v. Platform Networks
d. Buy vs. Build
3. Buy vs. Build
a. Requirements
b. “Buy vs. Build” Decision Matrix
i. License Standard Solution
ii. License a Standard Solution or Assemble In-House
iii. Build and Assemble In-House
iv. Develop with a Partner
4. Other Considerations
a. Ongoing Support Costs
b. Platform Features
i. Dashboards and User Experience
ii. Administrators Interface
iii. Configurability
iv. Mobile Integration
v. Social Media Integration and Widgets
c. Operational Considerations
i. Traffic and Scalability
ii. Payment Processing
iii. Electronic Signatures (for Lending- and Equity-Based Platforms)
5. Crowdfunding in the U.S.
a. Introduction
i. A New Market
b. Compliance
i. Implications
ii. Tax Compliance
iii. Rewards and Securities
iv. Securities Dealers-Brokers
v. Transactions
vi. Investor Network Platforms
vii. Other Issues
6. Trends and Developments
a. Outlook
i. Expansion of Build Your Own Options
ii. API Markets
iii. Investor Network CFPs
iv. Integration of Advanced Tools
v. Mobile Offerings
7. Summary
a. Overview

Contact us for details or purchasingPurchase$195Full ReportTable of ContentsPreview

Crowdsourcing.orgJun 27, 2013 05:05 pm GMT13480 views
$195Research Report
document Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation

With Britta’s Windowfarms Kit, you can grow up to 25 fresh live vegetable plants—lettuce, herbs, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, peppers, kale, small squash, edible flowers, and many more—in a normal...

Vince CooperDec 18, 2010 09:33 am GMT4288 views
site Distributed Knowledge / Reference

Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. The seeds of Instructables...

Rebecca GutierrezJul 05, 2011 08:35 pm GMT1047 views
The future of work? Hiring yourself out online.
document Cloud Labor, Distributed Knowledge

Here are some startups that offer self-service labor: 1. TaskRabbit is a marketplace for people and tasks, it allows individuals to post jobs they need doing and find others who are happy to...

Rebecca GutierrezAug 21, 2011 03:50 am GMT3720 views
The future of work? Hiring yourself out online.
What Google's Genius Billboard From 2004 Can Teach Us About Solving Problems
document Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation

Do-it-yourself crowdsourced open innovation has attracted major players like IBM and Procter&Gamble. On their websites, customers, professionals, job seekers, and anyone interested can access...

Tim SatterthwaiteJul 22, 2011 10:05 pm GMT1444 views
What Google's Genius Billboard From 2004 Can Teach Us About Solving Problems
How TaskRabbit Works!
video Cloud Labor

In this video, TaskRabbit CEO Leah and her other TaskRAbbit staff clearly explains how TaskRabbit works and of how you can benefit out from it.

Rebecca GutierrezAug 21, 2011 07:54 am GMT2645 views
How TaskRabbit Works!
Nine things you need to know if you are building your own crowdfunding platform

In this third and final part of my three-part series exploring some of the aspects entrepreneurs need to consider when designing a crowdfunding platform, I explore the eight essentials of crowdfunding. The context for my posts has been a close look at the French crowdfunding market place and in-depth interviews with ten owners of French crowdfunding platforms. In my first post, I presented a few factors that I felt made it more difficult for French crowdfunding platforms to achieve the same levels of explosive growth that are being experienced by crowdfunding platforms in the US such as IndieGoGo, Kickstarter and RocketHub. In the second post,  I took a closer look at the different models that are being tested in the French market.

I learned a lot from my interviews with the founders of 10 French crowdfunding platforms. While many of the opinions were quite diverse there was also clear convergence on a common theme: they all held a passion for crowdfunding and a shared belief in its potential. For those of you that have also caught the crowdfunding bug, for this third post I have shared a list of “crowdfunding essentials”, gleaned from the experts that should help you pursue your crowdfunding goals. Thanks again to all the interviewees   (in alphabetical order): Smiti Arbia from, Nicolas Bailly de touscoprod, Alexandre Boucherot d’Ulule, Hortense Garand from, Michael Goldman from MyMajorCompany, Nicolas Guillaume from Friendsclear, Angel Ramos de, Vincent Ricordeau from KissKissBankBank, and Yannick Robert from

Read more

Benjamin LarraldeAug 24, 2011 05:26 pm GMT5726 views
Express Yourself
video Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation

It's all about EXPRESSING YOURSELF! Individuality, self-expression and exhibitionism are all fuelling the runaway growth of social networking. The concept of 'brand-me' has...

Rebecca GutierrezNov 07, 2011 08:59 am GMT1335 views
Express Yourself
The promise of civic science for transparency
document Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation

An early experiment in Accra, Ghana aimed to measure air pollution from automobiles by recruiting taxi drivers to collect this data with their mobile phones.The data revealed not only that air...

Benjamin FosselDec 21, 2011 02:27 pm GMT1535 views
The promise of civic science for transparency
One Stop Center for Easier Life
blog Distributed Knowledge

Hi, i am here to explore the world of crowdsourcing and to share my knowledge about it and everything else that I might find out in the future. So, keep follow up friends. This blog was...

Samantha RoddrickDec 28, 2011 05:35 am GMT561 views
One Stop Center for Easier Life
New Legal Website Connects Attorneys and Clients Through an Expertise and Industry Based Platform
document Tools

“The RFP process is a powerful tool, but with convoluted RFPs and 100+ page responses, the system was broken. We fixed it and made it accessible to all,” according to the founder. While price and...

Samuel BennettJan 18, 2012 05:05 am GMT1275 views
New Legal Website Connects Attorneys and Clients Through an Expertise and Industry Based Platform
My Tax Auction
site Cloud Labor / Expert-tasks

Crowdsourcing for your taxes. Rather than wade through tax preparation with online software and doing it yourself, you can create a profile and certified tax professionals will place bids for the...

Corey VandenbergJan 31, 2012 07:12 pm GMT1253 views
My Tax Auction
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